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Zombie Attack Halloween Event in Orchard

Zombie Attack Halloween Event in Orchard

Zombie Attack Halloween Event in Orchard


Halloween has become an increasingly popular occasion which people in Singapore dress up, party and embrace the day. Some even spook their friends out with pranks. There have also been a growth in the number of events for Halloween. Shopping malls have been participating in the occasion by converting their atrium space for shoppers to experience a good scare or to simply walk through a maze. Apart from the norm, there are more establishments with space availability that gives their patrons something more engaging. For example, there has been a shopping mall which converted their atrium space into a superheroes Halloween themed escape room game Singapore.


And there are also Halloween specific events which include live characters to scare people. Trapped escape room Singapore was invited in October 2018 to aid in making the Zombie Attack event in Orchard road an exciting experience for all the participants.



We recreated a car park into an thrilling escape room Singapore. The set was as if there had been a zombie apocalypse. Participants had to go from stage to stage in the route of the Zombie Attack to ensure they have not been infected with the disease. One of the stage is the escape room stage where participants had to decipher codes and key into the monitor to retrieve a clue. They will then have to find a special device to unlock them from the reception of a laboratory. To then proceed into the laboratory and retrieve the antidote for each of them to reverse any possibilities of being infected in the zombie disease.



The event was well received with people who tried out the Zombie Attack and came to Trapped escape room Singapore to get more of our escape room experience.


There is a key difference in Halloween events and escape room games in general. And below are some for comparison purposes:

– Live characters in Halloween events

– Jump scares in Halloween events

– People who may touch participants during a trail or game experience

– There wont be a lot of puzzles to solve as escape game in a Halloween event is one of the parts of the main event

– It may or may not be cost involved in Halloween event tickets

– Halloween events may not be suitable for young children as it might contain gore elements or blood

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