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Are you feeling like Sherlock Holmes and you believe your investigative and detective capabilities can be brought to work? Then Trapped’s Real Escape Room Game is the game to play. This game entails finding clues and solving puzzles .When playing Real Escape Room Game, it is important to work as a team in order to get the clues easily. The first thing you need to do is to organize yourselves as a team. Having in mind that all of you have different capabilities and different ways of thinking. Here are a few tips on how to play Real Escape Room Game:

  1. You will have to imagine yourself as a true detective. Imagine yourself in any crime scene or in one of the episodes in CSI: Miami. Analyze the objects, remember from anything can be the clue that leads to another clue which leads to the key out of that room.
  2. Flip and toss – You may have to flip and turn or toss over some of the items to look for clues. However, you ought to be very careful not to break the items as you may be asked to pay for them. Some items are only activated if you tap on them, if the object doesn’t turn out to be the clue put it away slowly because you may need it later.
  3. Always be suspicious of an object that look out of place. Most of the times, clues are hidden in the most places you wouldn’t expect them to be. You may need to look very closely in order to get the clue as some of them are really hidden.
  4. Pay special attention to numbers in the room. Some of the clues are hidden in numbers; for example a certain page number of a book or an item number like a clock hanging on the wall can be the clue you are looking for.
  5. Look for something which has a record like a diary or a journal. Sometimes inventory records can contain clues and puzzles hidden in between. It’s therefore advisable to look carefully for these items as they may contain the next clue.
  6. Many times you may find symbols used as passwords to unlock some clues and puzzles. You may need to look out for special symbols to unlock certain clues or solve some puzzles.
  7. Keep checking the time –While you may concentrate on finding the clues and puzzles it is also advisable to manage your time to avoid the last minute rush. Most of the players find themselves rushing at the last minute therefore failing to see the important clues which could be the vital lead to the ultimate win. It is important therefore to split task so as to have a good time management.

All this said it is therefore advisable to keep these things in mind in order to play Trapped Real Escape Room Singapore successfully.

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