Survival Rate


Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players


Which room is best fitted for me?

Depending on your experience level, our rooms have different kind of puzzles which some may find it hard and others easy. It is also your preference on the type of puzzles you lean on to.

Purge Night – Easy level

Mental Ward – Medium to Hard level

Tekong Army Bunk – Hard level


  • What is the recommended number of people in the rooms?

We would recommend 2 – 6 players inside. This is to ensure everyone has a full exposure of the rooms and nobody gets left behind.

Do not worry, 2 players are also manageable! Most of our customers come in twos and they escape successfully.


  • Is there any attire or do we have to bring anything?

Just bring yourself! You can wear anything that makes you comfortable as you will be trapped in a room for 60mins. Imagine wearing something uncomfortable in a room for a whole hour!

However, do take note, there might be some crawling involved so girls, short skirts may not be recommended.


  • Do we need to do anything physical?

There will not be anything intense, but as mentioned you might need to crawl. Not everyone has to crawl in, but you might be the unlucky one that your friend might push you in.


  • How long is the duration of the game?

It will be 60minutes! Yes, that is right, a whole hour! Nothing more, nothing less. So, get comfortable, you are in for a great time!

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