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What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

By Alicia Tui

Escape rooms often put the difficulty level of their Escape Rooms on their websites. Like for example: Trapped.SG rates the Purge room at an 83% difficulty, while another Escape Room like Lost.SG uses 6 stars to rate the difficulty of their Suicide Forest room. All Escape Rooms will likely provide some indication of their room difficulties, so be sure to check out their websites before making any booking!

If a room looks particularly difficult, don’t be intimidated from booking the room. Instead, here are some tips for you to follow, before you book (if you are still nervous about booking it!):

1. Invite more friends.
Harder room = requires more brain power! So, before you book an especially hard room, be sure to round up some friends to play with you. Who knows, with more people, you may even be able to escape in a record time!

If you have trouble finding enough friends to join you (there, there), you can actually call up the various Escape Rooms to see if you can merge with another group’s game. Some outlets can allow it. In fact, here are Trapped.SG we encourage room merging to enhance our players experience, so give it a try! Who knows, through the experience you may actually be able to make some cool new friends that enjoy Escape Rooms as much as you do!

2. Prepare yourself.
While you are contemplating whether or not to book that 90% difficulty room, perhaps you can prepare yourself, both physically and mentally for the game. Think through all the times that you have done Escape Rooms:
Where are the possible/usual hiding spots for clues?
What sort of puzzles do you think you would face?

As for the physical preparations, do prepare comfortable, airy clothing for the day you are playing (no miniskirts!), so as to not hinder your gameplay. It always helps to check out the various Escape Room Singapore websites to see if they have any dress codes or clothing guidelines to enhance your experience. Some customers also prepare by bringing their own flashlights to the game. While we already provide flashlights in our Escape Rooms here at Trapped.SG, it wouldn’t hurt to have another set to help you out in the game!

3. Check the Escape Room’s Hint Policy
Some Escape Rooms only offer you 3 hints throughout your game, while some are more liberal and give you hints as you need it. It would help you to call up the various Escape Rooms or check their websites for their hint-giving policies. Of course, even if an Escape Room is difficult, if you are able to get hints freely, you would surely have a higher chance to escape. Here at Trapped.SG, we offer you as many clues/hints as you need so you need not worry about getting hopelessly stuck. In fact, we are more than glad to help you out in your game to enhance your experience. (Do ask nicely!)

If you are ever in doubt and have apprehensions about the difficulty of the various Escape Room game offered, feel free to call up each outlet and ask about the rooms. But most importantly, Escape Room Singapore are there for you to enjoy, so relax and enjoy the experience. Even if it is super difficult, the best part is the process of cracking your heads to solve the puzzles, so just relax and just have fun!

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