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What can you expect in a horror themed escape room game Singapore

What can you expect in a horror themed escape room game Singapore

What can you expect in a horror themed escape room game Singapore

By Syazwani

For a lot of people who have never played an escape room game Singapore, they tend to shy away from one because of the perception that an escape room equates to a haunted house. But that’s not true at all! In fact, a horror-themed escape room is way different than a haunted house. Here’s 5 neat things to know before you head in for one:

Be aware (and ready) for what you’re in for:
Before making your decision, do consider carefully if you have any anxiety issues, are an expecting mother or have other medical conditions. But of course, Trapped Escape Room Game Singapore has rooms suitable for pregnant women and the wheelchair bound. We do not have any actors or live props of which any form of physical contact is involved.

Keep an open mind:
When people are afraid, it gets harder to think and perform at the best of your ability. The lighting in our horror-themed escape rooms are usually on the dimmer side, and the sound effects in the rooms are intended to amp up the atmosphere. Here at Trapped Escape Room Game Singapore, we are truly flexible to making the game rooms brighter and the sound effects softer should it be overwhelming for you.

Brace yourselves for some scares along the way:
Though it takes time and persistence to really scare someone, there are also a number of effective ways to do so. This includes flickering lights, creepy sound effects and scary props (like our zombie residents in Trapped Escape Room). Again, we are flexible with this and we can brighten up the rooms and soften the sound effects for you.

Wear comfortable clothes and footwear:
Our game rooms may require crawling. Wearing comfortable, preferably closed-toe footwear would be great so it would not hinder your performance throughout the game. We advise the ladies to avoid wearing dresses or skirts when playing at Trapped Escape Room.

Never run in the dark:
We cannot emphasise this enough – most of the unfortunate accidents happen when people start panicking and run into the walls or trip over something. If the lights are out or you can’t see where you’re going, don’t move at all unless you absolutely have to, or do it really carefully.

Now that you’ve read prepared yourselves, the next thing you got to do is to pick one of the three escape room games Singapore themed rooms we have over at here!

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