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Ways to impress your team mates in an Escape Room

Ways to impress your team mates in an Escape Room

Ways to impress your team mates in an Escape Room  by Alicia Tiu


If you are thinking of taking your friends down to an Escape Room, chances are you want to impress them by showing off your puzzle solving prowess. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some things we suggest would be able to make you look cooler or smarter, as recounted by Game Master Alicia:

  1. Stay cool and calm.

A sure proof way of appearing more experienced is to be calm. (Isn’t it easy so far?) Here at Trapped.SG we have horror themed rooms, but these are the perfect scenarios to act the most mature and composed if your team mates are afraid of the atmosphere. Being the most confident and cool person in the room would make you stand out and seem the most experienced of the lot. So the next time you see the minutes in the Escape Room whittle down, get a grip and be the steady stream of logic. Your friends will respect you for sure!


  1. Look for the more subtle and well-hidden clues.

Anybody can find clues in an Escape Room; it is catered to people of all walks of life after all. But, only the best players can find the most well-hidden clues without help. So the next time you end up in an Escape Room with your friends, leave the clues placed in the open to them! Instead use your senses to find the special clues we leave for the best! The player that can ‘magically’ produce a clue out of nowhere would earn instant respect and adoration from their team mates. Show them what a ‘Most Valuable Player’ you are!


  1. Ask about how the gadgets and clues work at the end of the game.

For most people, an Escape Room Singapore experience ends when the game ends. However, if you start a conversation with a game master about the gadgets/ tech in the game, it may make you seem more intelligent and experienced, preparing yourself for the next Escape Room game you play. Especially if the gadget you mention is uber cool, your team mates’ respect for you will definitely increase. Don’t worry, our game masters at Trapped.SG have you covered and would be more than willing to entertain your conversations, and maybe even throw in a few compliments here and there to help you look smarter! (Wink)


  1. Listen to your team mates.

This piece of advice may sound strange to you, but it is very important. Appearing smart and cool may be important, but ensuring everybody has an enjoyable game is even more crucial! If, while trying to sound smart, you begin bossing people around, your team mates may actually get upset with you and even respect you less. It is important to be a good sport and work as a team as well, in order to earn their respect and friendship. You may find that while working together, you will naturally show off your Escape Room prowess and impress them anyway!


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