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Choose From Two of Our New Virtual Team Building Games


Corporate Team Building

Over the years, many different team building exercises have been organized, and now there seems to be a hype about holding team building sessions at escape games. As well as Team Building Activities in Singapore and can cover areas such as team work, team building games for adults, team bonding activity. Our conceptual escape room Singapore games brings together people from all walks of life to work together as a team. It is the perfect solution to foster team bonding. Colleagues will put through challenges to:

  • Tap into each others; strength and combine forces to solve mysteries.
  • Explore and discover hidden clues to put the pieces of the puzzles together.
  • Enhance communication skills as games are built for all participants to interact with one another and break away from silos.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to showcase their leadership and teamwork skills.

Our team building activities are non-strenuous and applicable for all ages. We offer a variety of team building packages which are readily available, and we also customise the team building activities according to our clients’ needs and budget. We have hosted from boutique team sizes of 10 pax to large groups of 300 pax.

Trapped.SG escape rooms in Singapore provides a number of fun activities for all to enjoy and at the same time boosts efficiency through critical thinking as a team, identifying hidden clues and interpreting problems through thinking out of the box. All the activities have been carefully designed and tested to ensure safety and maximise fun!

Our enthusiastic team members will go through with each client thorough details of the team building activities we have. We will also provide suggestions based on the number of pax you have for your team building activity, and even customise according to your budget. We believe in making your team building activity a fun, memorable and successful event.

For groups of 20 pax and above, email us at corporate@trapped.sg for more details regarding our corporate packages and rates.

Trapped.SG real escape rooms in Singapore is proud to have hosted numerous team building activities for blue-chip organisations, SMEs and government bodies. Some of our past and recurring clients include:


  • PSA
  • People’s Association
  • Great Eastern
  • Carlsberg
  • Microsoft
  • Central Provident Fund
  • DBS
  • Singapore Police Force
  • Republic of Singapore Navy
  • Republic of Singapore Airforce
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Ministry of Law
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Shell
  • Mandarin Hotel – Orchard
  • Fonterra Brands
  • National University of Singapore
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Singtel
  • And many more
Team Building Games Corporate Zombies

Escape Room To Go/Mobile Escape Room for Corporate Team Building

  • Recommended for 100 persons and above.
  • Location: Function rooms, stadium or client’s premises.
  • Themes: Client may propose preferred themes.
  • Description:For organisations that already have the large spaces within their premises, we can do site-visits to check the feasibility of holding an escape game or an amazing race at your premises. Our mobile escape games are catered for large groups of 100 pax and above. In this corporate team building activity, participants will be grouped into teams of 6 to 10 pax. Each team will experience your office premises in a whole new way which includes themed decorations, props to elevate the theme, theme applied puzzles, problem solving, treasure hunting and many more. The off-site corporate team building games we provide is a duration of 60 minutes (excluding setting up and dismantling time) to a whole day event. We can provide emcees, lucky draw prizes, F&B and interesting photo booths to bring back those fun times. Email us at corporate@trapped.sg for more details.
  • Duration: Client may propose, otherwise we recommend 1 to 2 hours.
  • Site visits are required if it is at client premises.
team building games corporate happy

On-Site Corporate Team Building

Location: #02-20/21/22 SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link

Environment: Indoor with aircon


  • Mental Ward
  • The Purge: Escape Room
  • Escape From Pulau Tekong


*Important Note: Trapped.SG escape rooms do not have any jump scares. There are no live characters as the themed rooms are thoughtfully and intricately designed to solve mysteries.


Mission: Discover hidden clues and chambers, solve mysteries and find a way to escape within 60 minutes.

Key Takeaways: Teamwork to effectively build relations and minimise silos, Enhancing communication skills, brainstorming and idea generating skills whilst under pressure, observational skills, cohesion activity, and many more.

Included: Briefing before the games, and photo taking with props.

Duration: Minimum 60 minutes

team building games corporate fun

Team Building Games and Activities

Apart from escape games, Trapped has also organized several team building games which a holistic experience for corporate seeking to couple fun and intriguing activities which are non-strenuous and applicable for all, including pregnant ladies.

Location: Off-site or on-site

Environment: Outdoor at mainly sheltered areas

Mission: To complete the checklist provided with tasks to accomplish

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Our team building games and activities is a fun and exciting team building activities which allows participants to group into teams and execute tasks given in the checklist provided by Trapped.SG escape rooms. This team building activity is a combination of health co-opetition (cooperation and competition), to complete team building tasks within the vicinity provided. Some examples of the team building tasks include:

  • Locating icons and brainstorming ideas to assemble puzzles
  • Problem solving with a facilitator to monitor success of task in hand
  • Building an object using unconventional items
  • And many more

Trapped escape room games are the latest trends in things to do in Singapore, not just for social basis, but also as a form of team building games. Trapped is one of the few escape room Singapore which fosters team work, communication, leadership, cohesiveness, brainstorming ideas and many more qualities to break silos in departments or organizations. Our games are designed to be non-strenuous which is also enjoyable even for expecting mums and elderly.

Team building games no longer have to be boring and without key takeaways for management feedback. Out with the regular dinner, drinks and occasionally bowling and in with Trapped escape room Singapore.


How the game works for corporate clients:

  • Group sizes can be as small as 10 pax and as large as over 100 pax
  • Have your colleagues group up in teams not exceeding 10 pax in each team
  • Each team will be briefed about the game rules
  • Each team will enter the escape game rooms that have been pre-booked, for bookings email us at corporate@trapped.sg
  • Each team in the themed escape game rooms are to solve mysteries, unravel hidden clues and decipher how to progress in the game
  • Clues will be provided by Trapped Team members upon request
  • Find a way to escape within 60 minutes
  • Photo taking session as memorabilia


Trapped is proud to have hosted team building games for at least over 200 organizations and the number just keeps on growing, which includes for both the public and private sectors.

For more Team Building Activities, visit us at www.teambuildingfellas.com – our team building business unit.


For more information about Trapped escape room Singapore for corporate team building games sessions, do email us at corporate@trapped.sg


Otherwise, if you have any further questions for social visits as things to do in Singapore over the weekend, you may call us at 6636 9722 or email us at enquiry@trapped.sg

team building games occasions and celebrations

Occasions and Celebrations

Trapped has been a part of countless celebrations:

  • Birthday parties
  • Engagement proposals
  • Surprise parties
  • Hen’s night
  • Bachelors night
  • And many more things to do in Singapore
team building games gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Sometimes it’s hard to think of THE BEST gift you can give your peers. You will never go wrong when you purchase for them gift vouchers from us, as you will be giving them the most thrilling experience they will have. And it is surely something they will remember and talk about.  For more information on our gift vouchers, you may drop by at our *SCAPE outlet #02-20/21/22 or email us at enquiry@trapped.sg


Trapped.SG is located in the central region of Singapore at 2 Orchard Link, SCAPE. It is next to Cineleisure and adjacent to Ngee Ann City. So whether your office is located in the East, North, West or Central, our location is ideal.


Trapped.SG has taken over 3 shop units to provide a comfortable and spacious environment for our customers. Within our premises, we can cater from groups of 10 pax to 120 pax. And if you’re looking for additional space to hold your meeting/ prize giving ceremony, we have an aircon indoor space available with AV equipment included of sizes up to 10,000sqft.


Reasons To Select Trapped.SG as Your Team Building Activity Provider


  • Hassle free for you and your organising committee: We will do all the planning for you from scratch until the event is completed
  • One-time payment: Your organisation will only receive one invoice for your whole event
  • Includes meaningful experiences to your colleagues: Breaking out that silence from the office and learn the new side of your colleagues. Many of our clients identify their hidden talents when they play our games. And it can be applied back in the office.
  • Comprehensive package: We have various packages to suit your preferences
  • Comfortable environment and safe for all ages
  • Centrally located in Orchard
  • A fun filled, exciting, thrilling and unexpected experience like no other


Here’s a few of recent mobile escape rooms that we did at client premises:


Client: Ministry of Cultural and Information 

Large scale real escape game – Secret Agent Mystery (Live Real Escape Game)


Read more about it here: https://www.trapped.sg/team-bonding-activities-singapore/


Client: Unearth Productions

Large scale ‘Zombie Attack’ at open carpark @ Grange road (opposite Cineleisure) – a 9 days event!

( client is doing a mass large scale game for public to play.)

Note: This is a horror version with full on blood, limbs and gore props


Client: Safra Open House – 9th December 2018

Real escape game – Zombie Apocalypse (Live Real Escape Game)


Note: This is a family friendly version with cartoon looking zombies used. No blood and no gore props used.

Read more about it here: https://www.trapped.sg/fun-filled-escape-room-activity-for-young-families-and-friends-safra-open-house-2018/

We provide the entire end to end process which includes:

  • Facilitators to run the game there for you
  • Props
  • Puzzle design
  • Story line creation
  • Poster design for the theme
  • State of the art escape room system gadgets (which we can show you if you visit us here.)

Email us today at corporate@trapped.sg for a FREE quotation with no obligation!



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