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42,781 players

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Top 3 Things That Will Guarantee a Fun Escape Room Game Experience

Top 3 Things That Will Guarantee a Fun Escape Room Game Experience

Top 3 Things That Will Guarantee a Fun Escape Room Game Experience


There are quite a number of escape room games around the world. Singapore escape room games ranges from basic to advance hi-tec experiences. Back in 2013 when Singapore escape room games were unknown, people would think that it is either an experience to be in a maze or a haunted house. You may chuckle, but that was the reality then. Today, almost everyone has at least vaguely heard of Singapore escape room games. And depending on how you like your cup of tea, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to experience that will guarantee a fun time.


  1. Ask the escape room game operator how many rooms they have within one themed game


This determines the complexity and the type of experience you will have. If they only have one room or two, it’s a little of a let down. More than two rooms is always fun because you almost never get to experience the last room without assistance from the staff. Plus, more rooms means more exploring, and more mystery.


  1. Before and after the game is just as important as during the game


Choose out of the many Singapore escape room games, one that is most suitable and central for you and your friends to meet. And also a location which you can have a meal, hang out, catch a movie before or after the game. This is so you get to share the excitement with the group you’re either going to or have experienced the escape game. Also, before you start going into the game room, be sure to listen to any instructions that the staff give. They may be hints  here and there without you noticing. Don’t ask too many questions either, you may be giving yourself a spoiler. However, once you’ve escaped or didn’t manage to escape, thats when you should ask questions to the staff about the game. This helps to connect all the dots together of what you experienced.


  1. Ask the if the games have hi-tec gadgets embedded in the game


When you go to an escape room, you don’t just want to experience unlocking one door with a key after another. That’s as good as unlocking your own room door. What you want to experience is hi-tec gadgets. Hi-tec doesn’t mean lasers, because to a certain extent, that can be dangerous for players. We mean things that you wouldn’t usually use to retrieve a clue. For example, you may have to snap your fingers in a certain rhythm to unlock the door. Or when you have to find an object to place on a book to have the lights switch on. And many more.


The above three are the key things we recommend when you’re trying to decide which game to play. And if there are any games positioned as a scary theme, the escape room Singapore do not have live characters inside to scare you. At most it is the atmosphere and maybe a few jump scared 🙂


Enjoy your games!








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