Things to do in Singapore

Things To Do In Singapore

Planning of having a holiday in Singapore and looking for things to do in Singapore?


Why not experience Singapore’s latest Escape Room Singapore themed attraction? Picture this, you’re kidnapped and trapped in a room with your peers, and there seems to be almost no way out. Become the master at solving puzzles, discovering hidden clues, tunnels, secret passage-ways and uncovering mysteries and succeeding to escape our well thought and creative concept rooms.


Why should you try this?

  • Fun and new concept of exploring and solving mysteries to escape from themed concept game rooms.
  • Watching movies and hanging out are almost routine activities. Do something different and have a blast.
  • Latest craze and attraction in Singapore.


What do you do inside these themed game rooms?

  • Explore and unravel hidden clues in the room.
  • Unveil the mystery if there are more rooms to explore and what clues lies within those rooms.
  • Put pieces of puzzles together for analysis.
  • Think out of the box, and most of the time you have to. The answer may be what you think you know, but it is more tricky than what meets the eye.
  • Some objects may move or even speak to you to give you clues to progress in the game
  • Your main mission: Find the key to escape within 60 minutes
  • Use your intelligence to have some good fun!

Trapped Escape Room is also suitable for other occasions such as birthday parties and team building games.


  • 2 Orchard Link, SCAPE, #02-20/21/22 (next to Cineleisure in Orchard)


Vicinity of our outlet:

  • International cafes and restaurants such as Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Italian and many more
  • Heart of Singapore’s Shopping District (SCAPE @ Orchard Road)