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Secret Russian Spy Game at Ministry of Cultural & Information


An event that was truly memorable for our client and for our team members too. It was several weeks in planning for the Secret Russian Spy Game at our clients office. The game would consist of puzzles and mysteries to solve across 3 levels in the building in various meeting points, board rooms and even the pantry!

(Image above at Starting point)

First of all, the client had a wonderful office space for us to design and create the game according to the theme. We at Trapped Escape Room Singapore brought in our props, gadgets and loads of other stuff to jazz up the rooms in the building to follow suit to the theme. One of the rooms was spruced up for the ambiance of a secret spy lounge where they would meet informally and discuss about politics. Another room was where the high ranking officials would hold their meeting in releasing propaganda materials. There was also another area which was where the rouge agents were all being listed out and targeted to be eliminated.

(Image above undergoing briefing)

Trapped Escape Room Singapore designed not only the game play, but also the ambiance and theme to each room and level in the clients office building.

(Image above at one of the puzzle room)

The event started off with the lead facilitator from Trapped Escape Room Singapore announcing to each team to gather at a meeting point. The team leaders were asked to stand at the front of their teams line. And upon counting down, the lead facilitator told the team leaders to collect their spy kit. Each team then dispersed into various areas to read and find the contents of their spy kit. They then strategised how they could infiltrate into their office building with a secret code they’d need to solve.

(Game in progress)

A team building event involves each team to effectively communicate their ideas to one another and to execute the task as a team to gain success. This Secret Russian Spy Game included that and many more take away for each team to learn about one another. There were teams that even dressed the part as spies, to enable their spy thoughts and ideas to flow.

(Above picture Winner for best spy)

The game was only for an hour, but almost the entire hour was used up. The winning team had come in with solving all the mysteries within 52 minutes of the game. And unfortunately there were at least about 10 other groups that didn’t manage to complete the final puzzle.


At the end of the team building event, the lead facilitator announced the top 3 winning teams and the best dressed team. As the debrief to the game and how to solve the mysteries walk through was announced by the facilitator, many of them laughed at one another finding that it was a small clue they had missed out on to get to the final stage.

(Above picture  Group photo)

The team building Singapore event went tremendously well with all participants leaving with a smile. Our team at Trapped Escape Room Singapore had a wonderful time hosting too, especially with the big smiles from our clients at the end of the day!


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