Survival Rate


Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players


What is the difference between Digital Escape Room and the Physical Escape Room?

For digital escape room, you get to play at the comfort of your own home. Among your group there will be 1 team leader who will be controlling the game. Similar to our physical escape room, you will need to work together so that you’ll be able to “escape”.

In lieu of the pandemic, this perfect for a great time without worrying too much.

We use cutting edge escape room technology, which means it’s not just some slides you click on!


  • Where will the digital escape room be played from?

It will be played via the Zoom platform. You will be given the zoom link to join and will be put in the main room for a short briefing before we break you into your breakout rooms.


  • How much does it cost?

Monday to Friday games before 6pm – $26.90

Monday to Friday games after 6pm, all day weekends and public holidays – $29.90

Currently, you can get an automatic discount of $4 off per pax!

Contact us at for the promo code.

(promotion is ending soon!)


  • Must I use a laptop? Am I able to use my phone instead?


That is correct, you will need to use a working laptop with internet connection. The games will not be feasible via phones/ tablets or ipad.

You would not want to play a game looking at a small screen.

It would be more ideal to play on a laptop so that you can have more exposure to the game! Much more immersive. 😊


  • Will there be someone guiding us along the way?

Yes of course! Similar to a physical escape room, you will be briefed by a live facilitator who will then stay will you throughout the game. This will ensure that not only your game ends on time, but you get to experience the full game.


  • How many players can play?

You can make a group of up to 4-6 players. Should you have less than 4 players, you will still be charged minimum of 4 players.

Visit us here for more details at


Where are we located?

We have 2 outlets. First outlet is located at Scape *2 Orchard Link, #02-20/21/22 Singapore 237978 which is just a 5 minutes’ walk away from Somerset MRT. And the second outlet is located at The Cathay, #b1-09 which is near Dhoby Ghaut mrt.


  • Is there a carpark where I can park my vehicle?

There is a carpark located at both Scape and Cathay itself. For SCAPE, take the elevator to level 2, head out of the mall, and you should be able to spot our friendly zombie waiting for you.


  • Do we take walk-ins or is it strictly on bookings only?

We would recommend you make an online booking before heading down here. Our slots fill up quick, and walk-ins may not guarantee a slot!

To avoid disappointment, we would REALLY recommend making a booking to secure your slots.


Which room is best fitted for me?

Depending on your experience level, our rooms have different kind of puzzles which some may find it hard and others easy. It is also your preference on the type of puzzles you lean on to.

Purge Night – Easy level

Mental Ward – Medium to Hard level

Tekong Army Bunk – Hard level


  • What is the recommended number of people in the rooms?

We would recommend 2 – 6 players inside. This is to ensure everyone has a full exposure of the rooms and nobody gets left behind.

Do not worry, 2 players are also manageable! Most of our customers come in twos and they escape successfully.


  • Is there any attire or do we have to bring anything?

Just bring yourself! You can wear anything that makes you comfortable as you will be trapped in a room for 60mins. Imagine wearing something uncomfortable in a room for a whole hour!

However, do take note, there might be some crawling involved so girls, short skirts may not be recommended.


  • Do we need to do anything physical?

There will not be anything intense, but as mentioned you might need to crawl. Not everyone has to crawl in, but you might be the unlucky one that your friend might push you in.


  • How long is the duration of the game?

It will be 60minutes! Yes, that is right, a whole hour! Nothing more, nothing less. So, get comfortable, you are in for a great time!


Why should you play at Trapped?

Trapped Escape room has also structured out a very reasonable pricing structure. We take pride in being one of the few quality escape room in Singapore that offers up to 1 hour of game play per themed room. (some rooms up to 75mins!)

We believe that Escape Rooms should be affordable for all to experience.

Currently, we do have a $10 off per pax student promo valid after 6pm daily excluding public holiday. Simply flash your student id to enjoy the promotion. Take note you need to be a student aged 21 years old and below.


  • How many outlets do you have?

We have 2 outlets – at SCAPE and The Cathay. Find us here.


  • How much does it cost?

escape room Singapore pricing


  • What are the payment methods we accept?

We accept most method of payment, this includes Cash, Nets, Visa, Master, Amex, Shopee Pay and Grab Pay.


  • Do you have student price?

Yes, we do! Currently, we do have a $10 off per pax student promo valid after 6pm daily excluding public holiday. Simply flash your student id to enjoy the promotion. Take note you need to be a student aged 21 years old and below.


Who can play at Trapped?

Anyone and everyone can play at Trapped. There is no age limit, so nobody is too young or too old to play! Escape room are ideal for families to bond and work together as it ties family bonding.

It is also the latest trend now for group of friends to go for escape rooms rather than the usual boring outing like to the movie. Rather than watching a movie, in an escape room, they get to play the lead actor in our movie-themed escape rooms.


  • What are our rooms well known for?

Our theme rooms come with a movie title and storyline to make the game play more interesting for players to feel like they are playing out the lead actor role in a movie.

Unlike a haunted house that has jump scares and live actors in their rooms, Trapped does not have those. This is to ensure that everyone get to enjoy the rooms without having to worry about someone coming to touch them.


  • Are we wheelchair friendly? 

Again, our escape room caters to everyone. Our rooms are big enough for wheelchair users to play as well.


  • How big are the rooms? 

Trapped Escape Room alone takes up 3 whole units, so the rooms are pretty big. You not only have to go through 1 room, but multiple rooms!

We know. We hate playing escape rooms that have only 1 room. Where is the surprise?


What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is basically an experience where you’ll be trapped in a room for 60 minutes and you will need to look everywhere you can for clues. These clues will help you to solve the room’s mystery and puzzles for you to progress from room to room and finally make your big escape at the end.

Remember to think out of the box, but do not think too hard. The answer might just be under your nose.


  • What is Trapped Escape Room?

Trapped Escape Room is an escape room which offers am immersive, next generation escape room experience.

Our rooms are designed to accommodate beginner to advance level.


  • How many rooms do we have here at Trapped?

We are currently on our 3rd season of escape games and have 3 different themes here at Trapped Escape Room.

The Purge, The Mental Ward and Escape from Pulau Tekong.

Each room goes by difficulty level and the puzzles are not repetitive. Which means you will need to try all 3 rooms to experience all the different mysteries & puzzles!

For our new outlet at The Cathay, we have 5 new themes. Check them out here


  • Are the rooms difficult for kids?

We do have kids who are as young as 7 years old who decides to take on the challenge and managed escaped successfully!

Our rooms are manageable for kids, adults, basically everyone!


  • Is it dark inside?

The rooms are dim inside; it’s not pitch dark. However, we are flexible on this and we will be able to adjust should you need the room to be brighter.


  • What will I expect inside?

You will expect to find yourself in an eerie environment looking for clues and solving puzzles. No, we are not going to spoil it for you. The rest is up to your imagination, you will need to play to find out….


How do I play an Escape Room if I have never been to one?

Never been to an escape room before? That is great! You will always remember your first game and will keep coming back.

If you are afraid something might jump out, or touch you, Trapped Escape Room has no jump scares or live actors inside.

So don’t worry too much.


  • Are we able to ask for help if we are stuck?

You will be provided an intercom phone where you can give us a call when you need help. The game master will also be actively watching your game, so we will give you a call to check up on you every now and then so that you can finish the room within the 60 minutes.


  • What if we don’t escape in time?

Should you don’t escape within the 60 minutes, the game master will enter and do a walkthrough with you.

This is so that you understand how the puzzles go about in solving the mysteries.


  • Am I able to play as a solo player?

It may not be easy, but nothing is impossible! We do accept solo players if you would like to give yourself a challenge. But you will need to pay for the min 3 pax even though you are coming as a solo player. So it’s still best to play as 3 pax still.


  • Will I enjoy the game?

We guarantee you’ll feel that the 1-hour will pass by really quick and that you’ll keep wanting to come back for more!

So yes! Not only you’ll enjoy the game, but the customer service you will receive from the moment you come into our store, will make you smile till the end when you leave.

Check our 5 Stars Rating on TripAdvisor!

Fyi: We also now have 75 mins game – The Jigsaw & Hide and Seek!