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Tourists that tried to Escape

4,888 players

Families that tried to Escape

5,205 players

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The Purge: Escape Room

The Purge: Escape Room

It’s Purge Night, and your group is being held captive by a demented group of purgers…with only 60 minutes before the start of The Annual Purge. The Purgers have rigged their secret hideout with a series of mysteries. If you manage to solve them, they will grant you freedom, otherwise when the hour is up, Purge Night begins and so does their crime spree! 

Difficulty Level: 83%
Intensity Level: 84%

Group Size: 3 to 10 Pax (Recommended team size of 8 players)

Attire: Any

This theme room is suitable for all ages as it is a kidnapped themed game. No scary props in this theme.

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