Survival Rate


Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players

Season 5: A Quiet Place

Season 5: A Quiet Place

The world has been taken over by extra-terrestrial life who seek to kill any human being they find. Your group has managed to survive as you have identified these aliens are blind but sensitive to the slightest pin drop sound. You have managed to survive for 55 days and your supplies are depleting fast.

There is a 75 mins window between 2pm to 315pm where the aliens are usually “asleep”. You have to try to find a way to get more supplies from the nearest bunker, home or grocery store. But hurry and do it quietly.


Group Size: 3 to 12 pax

Attire: Any

Duration: 75 mins

Location: Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #B1-08/09/10

Genre: Alien, Science fiction. Great for those who likes Sci-fi. This theme room is suitable for all ages, it may contain suspenseful elements. There might be a slight scare factor in this game. Even if you don’t like horror, you can still survive this one.

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