Survival Rate


Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players

Season 5: 28 Days Of Night

Season 5: 28 Days Of Night

An Alaskan town is about to experience darkness for 28 days consecutively where there is going to be no sun light for the next 28 days.

And you have heard that Count Dracula is seeking new blood in the town and has settled at an abandoned castle near your village. The only chance is to catch Count Dracula by surprise and kill that blood sucking demon once and for all. But hurry, you only have an hour before the last rays of light fade.


Group Size: 3 to 10 pax

Attire: Any

Duration: 60 mins

Location: Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #B1-08/09/10

Genre: Great for those who likes horror theme but still doable for those who dislike horror as there is only a slight scary element and a slight scare factor. This theme room is suitable for all ages.

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