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Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players

Escape Room: The Ultimate Corporate Outing

Escape Room: The Ultimate Corporate Outing

Escape Room: The Ultimate Corporate Outing by Clara Fay Kawulusan


The name of the game is simply “Escape Room”, in literal meaning for a pleasurable endeavor adventure. An adrenalin-charged activity where players need to solve a series of puzzles, be it in numbers-, words-, or logic-based in themed virtual spaces. The goal is to find clues, solve and make sense out of it, to open figurative locks, drawers, or even a secret chamber that reveals another important clue continuously until you unlock your last barrier to escape within a period of time given.


Escape room game brings people intellectual skills to bear as part to solve a larger puzzle, though some may find it mentally challenging. As you will be locked in a real 3-D setup, playing this game should not be a solo solve-it experience like playing Sudoku. Many rooms organized requires team bonding activities efforts, in which believe it or not, just as any work projects, requires leadership and communication skills of team members. In a nerve-racking setup where you are battling against mystery and time, this game will test your patience, work, and fellowship. And the fun part about it is finding out what your teammates’ good at, whether you know them or not. Here are a few business-related takeaways from an escape room game:


  1. Leader is essential

Although this is just a game, but a team should always have a leader. This can avoid those know-it-all who wants to solve everything themselves, and ensure everyone gets a voice and has information. After all, the goal is to bond members, and a leader will make sure everybody is working in harmony.


  1. Being organized

Same as your office desk, a chaotic space with scattered clues can be stressful and slow you down. Escape room games promote the importance of being organized, build a sense of order, and so you can see how some puzzle clues fit together.


  1. Have a common goal

In many occasions, people entered the room game without knowing what they’re about to face, how it works, or even what’s the deal of it. It is a tremendous lead when you know the goal you’re trying to achieve. Members should have a common goal of playing for teamwork bonding purposes and not in one self-interest.


The concept of escape room Singapore can remind people that there’s more to team building than putting a bunch of people together.  It promotes the sense of teamwork, leadership, and common goal through an unusual, fun setup. And so, this just might be the perfect corporate bonding activity if you’re looking for a fun, brain-teaser outing activity.

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