Survival Rate


Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players

Get a Clue: Can you solve the puzzle?

Get a Clue: Can you solve the puzzle?

The finishing touches are being put on Grand Rapids first of two escape rooms and laboratory is an outbreak. It’S a virus and you have to figure out how to get out of the room. In order to save the town, participants will have to solve puzzles. You would see something similar to this and, it would say, put me underneath a microscope in a live-action escape scenario and a team of you and five other people will be locked in a room similar to this, and you have to decipher from clues. Each clue gets you closer to getting out and then you’ll have another room.

It’S popular around the entire world. We actually consult with people in other countries on how they run their escape rooms and that’s what gave us a lot of the creative ideas for this. You know part of the fun of escape room Singapore is that everything could be a clue. Even these keys, the number of keys, this specific key could open a room. There could be something in this mirror hidden, you don’t know, should appeal to all ages. There’S nothing scary about it and it is in 33 countries right now, while the haunt is in the fall. Also, I thought it was a great opportunity for us to have a business.

That’S open, year-round, the escape room lasts about an hour. Statistics say that 80 % of people fail to actually escape the room in under one hour, and you will have a choice of escaping a lab like this or right next door to our laboratory is actually a home of a secret agent inside. Nothing is as it seems there might be, some hidden passageways there might not you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

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