Eileen Love’s Review on Trapped Escape Room Singapore.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to try out one of Trapped’s escape room at their Scape outlet.
Trapped has two outlets, one at Scape and the other at Khandahar street.
If you don’t know what an Escape room is, it’s a game room where you get locked up for an hour and you have to try and solve the clues in order to get out within the hour.
I love the idea of an escape room, it’s different than just hanging out with friends or catching a movie because you get to experience something different with each room and it’s a great bonding activity with your friends too.

We tried their World War 3 zombie theme!

Overall I really enjoyed solving the clues and trying to get out of the room. The sound effect and props were really suitable to the theme so it made the experience even more fun! There was one room which I didn’t want to enter because it was too freaky for me!
I’ve been to a few other Escape rooms and I love how Trapped is conveniently located in town plus, the clues are all really challenging to solve so my brain had a good workout!

With my group of Chemists that managed to escape the room with 2 mins to spare! Yay!

Thank you Trapped for inviting us down to try out your escape room Singapore!
If you wish to know more about them, you can check out their website http://www.trapped.sg/


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