Survival Rate


Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players

A Day in the Life of a Game Master (at Trapped.SG)

A Day in the Life of a Game Master (at Trapped.SG)

A Day in the Life of a Game Master (at Trapped.SG) by Alicia Tiu

Many people would think that working in an Escape Room Singapore would be super fun and cool. Well, it is, but it is serious work too. (Yes mom it is a real job!) Here are some things people often are mistaken about working in Escape Rooms, as recounted by Game master Alicia:


  1. You get to sit around and not do work.

The first thing many people see when visiting an Escape Room, is the Game Master sitting behind the reception counter. Seems like their simply waiting for you to arrive, doesn’t it? There’s the catch, Game Masters are trained to make it look like they are only here to provide for your game. Perhaps just seconds ago they have finished resetting a game, or helping another customer, you’d never know! Being a Game Master means you have to ‘fly everywhere’ tending current games, resetting finished rooms and greeting new guests, all the while keeping a megawatt smile on their faces to make it seem like a breeze. If you like a challenge and love meeting people, or giving customer service, this is the job for you!


  1. We are graduates that can’t find a job.

Surprise, surprise, most of us working here as Game Master could be even younger than you! Most of us are part-timers who are studying at the same time while working.  All kinds of people could work in an Escape Room, not just graduates. All it takes is a fun personality, and a willingness to work with many people. It just so happens that tending Escape Rooms is a more fun option of a job.


  1. The Escape Room industry is dying.

This is a common misconception as with other forms of games, as they can’t imagine the industry earning as much. Well by 2015, 1,760 Escape Rooms have popped up worldwide, and even seems to be growing over the years. The idea of puzzle games that require team effort is rather attractive, not only to the young, but to working adults as well. It is a good skill to hone! This brings me to my next point:


  1. Game Masters have to deal with children all the time.

This is a common misconception people have because they associate games with children. Thus people may shy away from the job as an Escape Room Game Master simply because they do not feel up to it. On the contrary, we feel that our customers are often 50% adults and 50% children; it is not restrictive to only one age group! We often see adults walk through our doors to be trapped, and they enjoy the game nevertheless! So don’t fear having to provide customer service as a Game Master, we meet all sorts of people and enjoy helping others have fun. In fact, here at Trapped.SG, we offer Corporate Games, so more often than not we are actually serving adult customers.


If you feel that you are a fun-loving, sociable and kind person, do come and try out for a position as Game Master here at Trapped.SG! It takes all kind of people to run the Escape Room Singapore, so don’t let some misconceptions about our work put you off applying. Our doors are always open for people who are willing to take a challenge.

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