Survival Rate


Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players





Generally playing Escape Room will need 4-6 players to solve the puzzles. Playing with you friends can be fun and you will see differents reactions about the game, and you will see how your friends behave inside.

Here is 6 types of Escape Room players out of so many:


– The ‘dont know where to start’ player :

This type of player will only admiring the room without touching or try to do something and they usually take long time to finish the FIRST room , maybe it is not because they are scared with the atmosphere.. it could be that they don’t know what is supposed to be touch and what is not supposed to touch.


– The screamer :

If you are the type of person who is easily get shocked, maybe you are one of this type. although they can be really loud, they make the vibe playing escape room Singapore more fun! Imagine there is no one screaming, it is no fun lah!


– The Einstein :

To escape a room this type of person would be needed, like Einsten they can think outside the box. While playing, they will tell you something that us generally considered impossible and maybe… weird? That is actually what you need to escape a room!


– The Countdown :

Commonly players are given 60 minutes to try to escape, this type of player is the friend who will keep on checking the time and reminding all the players to be hurry because they don’t want to run out of time.


– The Leader :

if you are a person who love to manage something, maybe you are one of The Leader in playing escape room Singapore ..and it is not bad thing! Since to escape the team must have a good teamwork and in the same way, you will need this leader to unite all the ideas you have!


– The ‘sit and watch’:

like the title says.. they only sit and watch. This type of players maybe the least favorite type of yours  because they do not give any opinion and ideas..but lets look on the bright side, don’t you think too many ideas can also be overwhelmed?


Where to Play Real Escape Room

Where to Play Real Escape Room

Many real escape room game establishments have been opened all over the world. The game originated in Japan but later some establishment have been opening all over the world. You can play real escape room game for as low as $14 if you are student. The real escape room game   has since been established in New York City and Las Vegas in the USA. In Australia the game has become quite popular among young people. More than 10000 people are believed to have played real escape room game all over the world. In Canada real escape room game can be found in Toronto where players can get the experience and have a chance to experience the thrills and fun of real escape room game.

You can also play real escape room game if you are in Singapore at a relatively good offer. There are 2 outlets in Singapore located at *SCAPE, 2 Orchard link, #02-20/21/22 and another at 42 Kandahar Street. It is called Escape Room Singapore and is currently the most popular escape room attractions in Singapore. In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia players can also play Real escape room game and experience the real adventure. Though Real escape room game was originally an online game it has now been replicated in real life games in big cities around the world. Many players can now book for a chance to play the game. Some of the companies that offer Real escape room games have websites where players can book for tickets online. Due to its popularity players are advised to book the tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

Since Real escape room game has become a more popular game, there is expected increase in the number of establishments which will be offering the games. Dates and times can be changed and players must be careful not to miss the games. The doors open for 10 minutes before the game starts. Participants are advised to be time conscious because those who arrive after the doors are closed will not be admitted. All the sales are final and players cannot get a refund of their money in case of cancellation, and reschedules. Players are also advised to be careful while purchasing tickets online since there are some fraudulent sites.

You can also use sites such as online maps to locate the sites of the games. Some of the information about real escape games is available online and some companies have pages in social media sites. You can also establish the game locations through your friends who have since played the game. The Real escape room game is a fun adventure which each person looks forward to experiencing. There are also special packages for companies can get special discounts whenever they play.

Ask For Hints Only When You Have To!

Ask For Hints Only When You Have To!

The Yard An escape room challenge is a team game like no other. It takes concentration, wit and curiosity to beat the puzzle maker. I am proud to be able to find my way out of situations. See this Top Slogan – A Curious Gentleman’s Guide to ESCAPES  Escapism. I even have an entire category dedicated to escapes. Admittedly, these are destinations, not practical guides, but you have the idea – escapes are my bread and my butter. So when I signed up for Real Escape Room Singapore in Bucharest with my friends Erick and Dan to make my own real life escape, I was sure I had it in the bag. If you’re not familiar with these escape game Singapore from the room, here’s the bottom line: you’re locked in a room with one or more people, and you have an hour to find the key to escape the room by using scattered indices on. Use the clues to solve the puzzles. Solve the puzzles to find the key. Find the key to escape the room.

Sounds simple enough no? You need to bring together all your skills in logic, problem solving, communication and critical thinking at the same time. In the dark. While you are being watched via CCTV. And I never thought I would fail so miserably. Only about 13% of Real Room Escape teams have already taken up the challenge in a timely manner.

So, to make sure you do not do the same thing, I’ve compiled some tips on how to get the most out of the game, and ultimately how to escape from the game room. There are a few rules: no cell phones, no pens or paper, no cameras.

And also the reason for no hand phones is so that you don’t cheat your way through.

How to Play Real Escape Room

How to Play Real Escape Room

Imagine being trap in a mysterious room and the only way to get out is by finding clues. This can be real fun as clues are written all over and you are also sure that you are neither kidnapped nor trapped, you are just remained in a room that you need to get out from. Well, this is a game that is being played all over the world and it is real fun. And you are in Singapore, you can try the Escape Room Singapore at located at SCAPE, #02-20/21/22

The room is designed either as a single room or double room. There is a table, a sofa and other strange items that you are supposed to look clue from. The game has a maximum of 11 players and teamwork is highly important if you want to get out of the room sooner. At the doorway, there is also a gatekeeper who charges an entrance fee and since he doesn’t give this individually, you need to incorporate all members of your team.

Once inside the room, you are supposed to look for clues under the table, moving the sofa and the other objects inside the room. Make sure you do not miss any of clues as they are all helpful in guiding you on how to get out of the room. While playing the game, it is very significant that you use your critical thinking as well as be very observant not to miss a single clue/code. Remember that you are trying to escape within a set time limit, every second there is very important.

In order to beat the set time teamwork is very important, you cannot affording losing time while arguing with your partner. It is also very much important be very observant so as not to miss any clue of code to open the doors; if you miss one, you might be trapped forever or might run out of time. The best thing is that once you unlock all the clues and codes, you can also open the last door using your hands and Hurrah!! You have made it out of the mysterious room.

The real escape room Singapore has been very popular all over the world and you have to be smart in order to join the real escape hall of fame. There are many designs of the game but the logic behind winning are the same; teamwork, critical thinking and being highly observant. It is quite a challenging mystery but if you can observe the three, then the victory will be your and your teammates.

Escape Room February 2015 Promotion

Escape Room February 2015 Promotion

Experience “World War Zombies” real escape room at our SCAPE outlet with up to $8 off and only $20 per person only for the month February! (usual $28 per person) Promo starts from 13th Feb. 2015 to 28th Feb. 2015

Game Plot: The World is at war with the Zombies. As you and your friends seek shelter in an abandoned building, you suddenly realized that you are not alone. You have 60 mins to solve the mysteries and escape alive before you too join the ranks of the undead!

Attire: Any      Difficulty: 84%      Intensity: 86%

This concept caters for all ages above 13 as there maybe scary props or mysteries to solve.

Importance of team work in Real Escape Room

Importance of team work in Real Escape Room

Real Escape Room Singapore is a mind involving game. There is no better way of team building than the Real Escape Room game experience. These games need critical thinking and mind power so as to get the most out of it. While it is advisable for you to play Real Escape Room as a team or as a group of friends; it is advisable to play the game with people you are already familiar with. This will help in case of task sharing in order to get the clues easily. This particular game is designed for intense cooperation and teams working together. In Europe and other continents major companies have taken their workers and colleagues to play Real Escape Room game so as to boost the morale or workers and acknowledge the importance of team work.

Real Escape Room game is designed to have many clues and puzzles hidden in the room, which teams must find in order to solve the mysteries and eventually escape the room. Real Escape Room game is offering different ways for corporate colleagues or teams to bond interact and have an excellent team building experience which is not so expensive. It is the right way to improve you team’s way of thinking, problem solving and communication techniques.

There are a few things that your team may learn by playing Real Escape Room game. Problem solving skills and problem solving techniques involves several things. Identification of the problem, finding alternatives, evaluating and getting the alternatives and implementing the solutions.

In the course of the game you will have to go through many problems. Each team member will have to go through some initial steps in order to find a solution. The game also offers the understanding of team formation. This helps in understanding each team member, their weakness, and strength and so on. Communication skills come in handy, to avoid misunderstanding. Each members must be able to communicate in a language understandable to each member of the said team. It helps the team in finding the clues and avoids unnecessary confrontations and arguments. Effective communication will enable the team to move faster to the next clue and therefore avoid the last minute rush and also reduce wastage of time.

Decision making skills is also necessary in playing Real Escape Room Singapore as team members need to make fast decisions in order to save time. There are several things involved in decision making i.e. uncertainty, complexity and consequences. Uncertainty involved in making a decision based on something which is unknown and complexity may arise when a team member finds a clue which is not the right one. Consequences occur when as a team member, you may have to decide on a certain decision which may decide the outcome.

Real Escape Room game requires high standard of discipline as well as a high level of team work. You can have the best of the experience playing Real Escape Room game as a company, workers, corporate team and also as a friend. Now register yourselves in the nearest Real Escape Room game at and enjoy!!

DIY Escape Room Part 1

DIY Escape Room Part 1

Lodz is taking a vacant warehouse and inside we’ve, created a series of puzzles and challenges. This is your average escape route. It’S geared towards professional contractors to test it out. We found four people who made a career out of building fixing and problem solving and today, when you give them 60 minutes to see if they have what it takes to get to the ground floor right now, unloads Black Friday DIY escape room Singapore welcome in a few minutes.

We are going to lock you in a space built specifically to challenge your skills as trade professionals, creators as problem solvers, and some of the obstacles you encounter may seem impossible. Remember everything you need is in there or in here, with one exception in a moment: you’ll have the chance to step in or two you can. Each pick a tool out of the tool with you to the escape choose wisely because having the right tool at the right time, it’s going to mean the difference between winning and losing. Now guys, I don’t feel like we have a lot of time, but it’s important to get to know each other a bit better when we start with you, my name is Monisha and i’m electrician.

I’ve been doing it for nine years. Well, that lecture great awesome, how about you Bob I make stuff, I’m Bob, I run a YouTube channel called I like to make stuff, and I literally just like to make things so whatever I feel like making, I can do it, so I don’t really have a Specialty but I’ve been in a little bit yeah. What about you? Yeah, hey! My name is Wes. I renovate houses from the early 1900s. What about you right, I’m very similar to Bob in a lot of ways. I’M grant Thompson, I run out a channel in YouTube.

DIY Escape Room Part 2

DIY Escape Room Part 2

Well, let’s see if you chose wisely, follow me all right once this door closes it’s game on now we have your watches. We have your phones so to keep time. You’Re going to have to listen every 15 minutes. There’S going to be an alarm, that’s impressive! If it goes off the fourth time, while you’re still inside you lost one last thing: this talkie can radio aloes read best. If you really find yourself in a pinch radio for help well, good luck and hopefully I’ll see you on the ground, floor door closes in darkness.

It’S pitch black in meter, but we can keep an eye on our team with our infrared cameras and my first thought was: we should grab the flashlights, and so the one thing that I chose was a screw gun and then what’s on the screw gun is a Tiny little flashlight we got a light. Take a look around. We’ve got our there’s a panel over there there’s a flashlight, the real flashlight. What else we got I [ Music ] knew we had to get the power on someone here’s another. If we can get the lights on all right here, we go circuit breaker, we see the breaker, we see the wire and I look right at the screws to escape from this escape room Singapore.

Hey get your key get your Phillips said. Having mo with this is awesome because she immediately knows what to do to get the lights on. Yes, so we’re going to replace this. We need a flat head after seeing that the breaker just had to be installed. I literally said I got this. Breaker goes on, the lights are on and it’s flickering, I’m thinking, there’s something there we’re looking for a code for a combination. Lock. We got this one’s blinking. So let’s look for a code with and then I realized that I saw a Morse code poster okay. This light is talking to us in Morse code.

Get a Clue: Can you solve the puzzle?

Get a Clue: Can you solve the puzzle?

The finishing touches are being put on Grand Rapids first of two escape rooms and laboratory is an outbreak. It’S a virus and you have to figure out how to get out of the room. In order to save the town, participants will have to solve puzzles. You would see something similar to this and, it would say, put me underneath a microscope in a live-action escape scenario and a team of you and five other people will be locked in a room similar to this, and you have to decipher from clues. Each clue gets you closer to getting out and then you’ll have another room.

It’S popular around the entire world. We actually consult with people in other countries on how they run their escape rooms and that’s what gave us a lot of the creative ideas for this. You know part of the fun of escape room Singapore is that everything could be a clue. Even these keys, the number of keys, this specific key could open a room. There could be something in this mirror hidden, you don’t know, should appeal to all ages. There’S nothing scary about it and it is in 33 countries right now, while the haunt is in the fall. Also, I thought it was a great opportunity for us to have a business.

That’S open, year-round, the escape room lasts about an hour. Statistics say that 80 % of people fail to actually escape the room in under one hour, and you will have a choice of escaping a lab like this or right next door to our laboratory is actually a home of a secret agent inside. Nothing is as it seems there might be, some hidden passageways there might not you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

Why are escape room games addictive?

Why are escape room games addictive?

Why are escape room games addictive?


Studies have shown that when a person feels accomplishment or failure, addiction is triggered. Singapore escape room games will do just that to many. Once they try it, they will get hooked to go back for more. And a lot of the avid Singapore escape room game players would have completed most games from operators they prefer. So why is it good to get addicted to escape room games?


Apart from doing the norm such as watching movies (not always theres something good screening), Singapore escape room games actually challenges participants to solve logical puzzles within a time frame. This would then require participants playing to have successfully achieved:


– good communication skills

– exploration of hidden chambers

– brainstorming

– team work

– leadership

– critical thinking

– problem solving


It’s always fun to find out something you think you know the answer to, but yet it doesn’t seem to unlock. That is highly due to the case of the wrong answer. And when participants get a hint from the staff, and manage to solve the puzzle themselves, a sense of accomplishment is developed.


For participants who didn’t manage to escape, but yet they feel like they’re so close to the final stage. They too fall under the potential category of being addicted to escape room games. Why?


It’s simply because they think they’ve almost achieved it and theres that positive frustration. So when they make their next attempt they think they’re equipped with the right mindset to be able to solve the puzzles. Most of the time, when groups play one game and didn’t escape, then play another game right after, they’d likely to succeed. This is because they are already in a momentum of problem solving.


Escape room Singapore games are tricky and are much harder than of those abroad. But that also means for those who managed to escape without any hints from the staff, they are the ones who follow instructions of each game meticulously.


When it comes to exam period for students, it’s highly recommended to play Singapore escape room games. This would disable mental blocks and get the brain churning out ideas they never knew they could tap.


Good luck and enjoy the addiction of playing Singapore escape room games.