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Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players

A Day in the Life of a Game Master (at Trapped.SG)

A Day in the Life of a Game Master (at Trapped.SG)

A Day in the Life of a Game Master (at Trapped.SG) by Alicia Tiu

Many people would think that working in an Escape Room Singapore would be super fun and cool. Well, it is, but it is serious work too. (Yes mom it is a real job!) Here are some things people often are mistaken about working in Escape Rooms, as recounted by Game master Alicia:


  1. You get to sit around and not do work.

The first thing many people see when visiting an Escape Room, is the Game Master sitting behind the reception counter. Seems like their simply waiting for you to arrive, doesn’t it? There’s the catch, Game Masters are trained to make it look like they are only here to provide for your game. Perhaps just seconds ago they have finished resetting a game, or helping another customer, you’d never know! Being a Game Master means you have to ‘fly everywhere’ tending current games, resetting finished rooms and greeting new guests, all the while keeping a megawatt smile on their faces to make it seem like a breeze. If you like a challenge and love meeting people, or giving customer service, this is the job for you!


  1. We are graduates that can’t find a job.

Surprise, surprise, most of us working here as Game Master could be even younger than you! Most of us are part-timers who are studying at the same time while working.  All kinds of people could work in an Escape Room, not just graduates. All it takes is a fun personality, and a willingness to work with many people. It just so happens that tending Escape Rooms is a more fun option of a job.


  1. The Escape Room industry is dying.

This is a common misconception as with other forms of games, as they can’t imagine the industry earning as much. Well by 2015, 1,760 Escape Rooms have popped up worldwide, and even seems to be growing over the years. The idea of puzzle games that require team effort is rather attractive, not only to the young, but to working adults as well. It is a good skill to hone! This brings me to my next point:


  1. Game Masters have to deal with children all the time.

This is a common misconception people have because they associate games with children. Thus people may shy away from the job as an Escape Room Game Master simply because they do not feel up to it. On the contrary, we feel that our customers are often 50% adults and 50% children; it is not restrictive to only one age group! We often see adults walk through our doors to be trapped, and they enjoy the game nevertheless! So don’t fear having to provide customer service as a Game Master, we meet all sorts of people and enjoy helping others have fun. In fact, here at Trapped.SG, we offer Corporate Games, so more often than not we are actually serving adult customers.


If you feel that you are a fun-loving, sociable and kind person, do come and try out for a position as Game Master here at Trapped.SG! It takes all kind of people to run the Escape Room Singapore, so don’t let some misconceptions about our work put you off applying. Our doors are always open for people who are willing to take a challenge.

Five ways to prepare for an Escape Game

Five ways to prepare for an Escape Game

Five ways to prepare for an Escape Game by Natasha


Every escape rooms has a unique experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for them.


  1. Turn the whole room inside out


Game Masters of escape room game would often set rules one of which is to not physically damage any items in the rooms as it is costly to get them replace. But its encouraged for players to do anything (that will not damage the furniture) to help them get to the next step such as observe the things on the wall , if there is a painting if it has marks or if it moves. Open up all the drawers to see if there are anything. Look under objects (although not to lift any heavy furnitures) and flip through files or books. There are props on display for aesthetic only  and game masters will usually brief beforehand such as if certain items are labelled in black and yellow tape to not remove the items.


  1. Do not be bogged down.


One issue for many groups is that they get too fixated on a particular puzzle when they should be looking for other leads or solution. A great solution is to get some team members to try solve the puzzle and get the other team members to look around to see if they missed anything. If you feel like it is a dead end and have thought in and out of the box, ask for clues.


  1. Talk to Each other but also listen!


Communication is key! If you find something that could potentially be a clue, let your team members know. If you feel like you know how to solve it and want to give the puzzle a try, let them know .  If you feel like you’re close to a solution but need opinions, ask your teammates for their thoughts on it. Also, make sure to listen to one another and encourage others to give their input.


  1. Be patient and remain positive!


You only have a limited amount of time to escape the room. Wasting it on negativity only lowers your chances on escaping. Use the time to think on how to solve the puzzles. If you’re negative, it will bring the atmosphere down and your team members will get affected by it and none of you would enjoy the experience.


  1. Practice makes perfect!


Last but not least! Playing more escape rooms would definitely help. But what many don’t know is that playing escape games on your mobile phone or computer would also help you . You are be able to know what to expect in escape games and also helps put you in the right mindset to decipher certain clues when playing a real escape room Singapore.

How to get the most out of real escape room game

How to get the most out of real escape room game

Real Escape Room Singapore was designed in Japan and started as an online game where people wound up time and enjoy it. There have been real life forms of the game in the recent past. To get the most out of this type of game, one has to play with friends or people who are close to you. The game is designed to be a mentally challenging game and players need to be really keen in the solving of the clues and puzzles. You can really enjoy the game at the same time bringing out your detective abilities by finding those clues and finally finding the key. It is advisable to play the game with family, co workers or people close to you so that you can have maximum fun.

As you race against time and the adrenaline rush is high you can get pretty exited as you progress within the game. You can feel like you are walking inside a real life video game. Boxes will flip open, clues will be revealed and to add to the fun there is a sound track so as to feel like you are actually in a Sherlock Holmes scene. The game also offers a place to discover their capabilities on how to tackle different kinds of problems. Corporate team member scan use this opportunity to bond and know each other.

Real escape room game offers an experience like no others. When you are imagining yourself as a prisoner or a person who is trapped in an ancient room trying to escape. The feeling of letting down your colleagues makes one work hard. In the process one is able to bring out capabilities one didn’t know they existed. In the course of the game you may have some arguments in which you may be able to know your partner well; their strengths and weaknesses.

In the end Real escape room game offers a place for people to have fun and interact. It can be used as a fun was to bring workers or colleagues together. Since its inception in the market Real escape room Singapore has been played by thousands of players who has always come back for more. The various game themes offer a different approach to each problem hence strengthening team work and utmost have fun. In conclusion Real Escape Room Singapore is the ultimate way to have fun for you and 11 friends. For as low as $19 at, players can buy tickets and have fun and get the worth of their money. If you are looking for a fun way to bond then Real Escape Room Singapore is the way to go.

How to find clues in real escape room

How to find clues in real escape room

Playing Real Escape room game as a team either with your friends or with corporate colleagues can be fun. It is a chance for team building and a place to gauge how good you and your friends or colleagues communicate. The aim of Real Escape game is to find clues, hidden in the room be it in furniture books or anything in the room. There are several escape rooms to choose from; i.e. the Agency, The Home and The office depending on the creators of the game and its location .When finding clues you need to think outside the box as anything or anywhere could be a clue that leads you to the next clue and finally make you able find the key to open the door. Team work here comes in handy while you may find it difficult to find even one clue, you need to dig deep in order to find clues.

Some clues are in plain sight while others are really hidden so you must really think hard. The game master is a person who helps you find some of the clues; however he may not give you all the clues but you must pay attention to what he has to offer. The clues may be sometimes displayed on the big screens(but not all escape rooms do this) in the room so watch out. Another way of finding clues  is by turning everything from flip, turn and toss but be careful not to break anything as you may be asked to pay for it later.

This games need intellect and patience of the highest order. When playing this type of game you need to be very patient, don’t end up by giving up too easily or smashing things. In the end the game master will go through with the clues with you and you will find where you went wrong. As I had said earlier that communication is the key here, when your colleague or friend finds a clue it’s better to place it where you can all find it. This will save you precious minutes and avoid the last minute rush and avoid unnecessary confrontation among team members.

Sometimes it is difficult for you to actually see the clue. If you can’t find the clue ask someone who can, this will avoid unnecessary wastage of time. Keep checking the time, this will enable you to manage your time and avoid the last minute rush when you realize you have only 5 minutes left. The ultimate objective of this game is to triumph and actually walk out of the door. You may find clues easy or hard to find depending with the size of your team or the kind of room you chose. Having this in mind you can go ahead and gather your team, enter the Real Escape Room Singapore and enjoy!!

Helpful Tips Solving the Puzzles in Real Escape Room Singapore

Helpful Tips Solving the Puzzles in Real Escape Room Singapore

It looks like a normal room but in real sense, Real Escape Room Singapore is actually a puzzle that you are supposed to solve in order to free from the room. It is a funny and highly interactive game that calls for cooperation with team members in order to save time. The game has contain thousands of players from all the over the world. If you want to join the games’ hall of fame, then you need to know how to solve the puzzles in the real escape room. With high degree competition in consideration, you will definitely need this guide to help you now your way through this mysterious room.

Team building is the most crucial secret in the journey to solving the puzzle. The game will give you sixty minutes to solve the puzzle. Cooperation with the collaboration of team members is therefore very necessary if you are going to realize all the hidden puzzles and solve them. Ensure that your team is working together and in harmony; this way you will be able to use shortest time possible to free from the room.

You will also need to fully engage your mind in order to realize where helpful tips are hidden. It can be a tricky to trace the tips but if in addition to team work you apply logic in the game, then it will be easy to get out of the room. There are many puzzles, brain teasers and riddles to solve in the room. Also, there are clues hidden everywhere. It is upon you to work fast and use your brain to discover where the tips are hidden. Remember, cooperation with team members is important as you all have different capabilities.

While team building is the most important secret in helping you solve the puzzle, it is also important in helping you realize the strength of your groups’ communication skills. Racing against the clock requires that you also use extra speed in discovering the clues. If you will argue or disagree, you will be minimizing your chances to find the key from the room. Although challenging, real escape room games are fun and can involve anyone to play with you. You can have fun with your colleagues, family or even friends. You only need to ensure that your team will be ready to cooperate.Everyonehas to be dedicated and ready to offer their best logic in helping solve the puzzles by getting as many clues as possible in order to find the key. This way, you will be able to use shortest time possible to solve the mystery.

Trapped Real Escape Room

Trapped Real Escape Room

Trapped Real Escape Room

Trapped Real Escape Room is Singapore’s leading Escape Room attractions located in Singapore. It is a real escape game, which is basically an indoor activity to stimulate bonding and fun through solving mysteries and discovering hidden passageways or rooms and to achieve the objective of the game – to escape – within 60 minutes. Each game will have a game master to brief participants prior to entering the game rooms. The game master will also be watching participants through CCTV footage to ensure safety and to provide clues for participants to progress in the games.

Our Games

The games we designed are of general IQ and logical puzzles with explanations that can be provided upon requests. The games have been designed for friends, families and colleagues to enjoy. There are no strenuous activities involved in any of our games, therefore applicable for the expecting mothers and also the elderlies.

We ensure that all our 5 themes are of different ambience, puzzles and strategy to provide customers the maximum satisfaction when engaged in our games. Our themes accomodates to those who love thrill and have a high threshhold of fear, the futuristic and fantasies, and the adventurous. We have something to suit everyone.

Many real escape room game establishments have been opened all over the world. The game originated in Japan but later some establishment have been opening all over the world. You can play real escape room game for as low as $14 if you are student. More than 100,000 people are believed to have played real escape room game all over the world to get the experience and have a chance to experience the thrills and fun of real escape room game.

If you are in Singapore, you can visit our 2 outlets located at *SCAPE, 2 Orchard link, #02-20/21/22 which is at the heart of Singapore’s shopping haven and another at 42 Kandahar Street. It is called Escape Room Singapore and is currently the most popular escape room attractions in Singapore.

Though Real escape room game was originally an online game it has now been replicated in real life games in big cities around the world. Many players can now book for a chance to play the game. Some of the companies that offer Real escape room games have websites where players can book for tickets online. Due to its popularity players are advised to book the tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

Since Real escape room game has become a more popular game, there is expected increase in the number of establishments which will be offering the games. Dates and times can be changed and players must be careful not to miss the games. The doors open for 10 minutes before the game starts. Participants are advised to be time conscious because those who arrive after the doors are closed will not be admitted. All the sales are final and players cannot get a refund of their money in case of cancellation, and reschedules. Players are also advised to be careful while purchasing tickets online since there are some fraudulent sites.

The Real escape room game is a fun adventure which each person looks forward to experiencing. There are also special packages for companies can get special discounts whenever they play.



Are you feeling like Sherlock Holmes and you believe your investigative and detective capabilities can be brought to work? Then Trapped’s Real Escape Room Game is the game to play. This game entails finding clues and solving puzzles .When playing Real Escape Room Game, it is important to work as a team in order to get the clues easily. The first thing you need to do is to organize yourselves as a team. Having in mind that all of you have different capabilities and different ways of thinking. Here are a few tips on how to play Real Escape Room Game:

  1. You will have to imagine yourself as a true detective. Imagine yourself in any crime scene or in one of the episodes in CSI: Miami. Analyze the objects, remember from anything can be the clue that leads to another clue which leads to the key out of that room.
  2. Flip and toss – You may have to flip and turn or toss over some of the items to look for clues. However, you ought to be very careful not to break the items as you may be asked to pay for them. Some items are only activated if you tap on them, if the object doesn’t turn out to be the clue put it away slowly because you may need it later.
  3. Always be suspicious of an object that look out of place. Most of the times, clues are hidden in the most places you wouldn’t expect them to be. You may need to look very closely in order to get the clue as some of them are really hidden.
  4. Pay special attention to numbers in the room. Some of the clues are hidden in numbers; for example a certain page number of a book or an item number like a clock hanging on the wall can be the clue you are looking for.
  5. Look for something which has a record like a diary or a journal. Sometimes inventory records can contain clues and puzzles hidden in between. It’s therefore advisable to look carefully for these items as they may contain the next clue.
  6. Many times you may find symbols used as passwords to unlock some clues and puzzles. You may need to look out for special symbols to unlock certain clues or solve some puzzles.
  7. Keep checking the time –While you may concentrate on finding the clues and puzzles it is also advisable to manage your time to avoid the last minute rush. Most of the players find themselves rushing at the last minute therefore failing to see the important clues which could be the vital lead to the ultimate win. It is important therefore to split task so as to have a good time management.

All this said it is therefore advisable to keep these things in mind in order to play Trapped Real Escape Room Singapore successfully.

Book a game at and have fun with your colleagues and friends.


Our two locations are:

1st Outlet
Kampong Glam Shop Houses,
42 Kandahar Street,
S198896 (Near Arab St)
Tel: +65-6292-2177



2nd Outlet
2 Orchard Link, #02-20/21/22,
Tel: +65-66369722


Racing against time playing in a Real Escape Room

Racing against time playing in a Real Escape Room

In playing Real Escape Room Game, time is a major factor. There is a set time limit for you and your team to find clue, solve the puzzles and finally unlock the door. Many people find themselves racing against time while playing Real Escape Room Game. The most important thing is to know how to manage time. When you start looking for clues, you will have to manage your time properly otherwise you will end up racing against time. When playing Escape Room Singapore, it is advisable to you will have to divide tasks among yourselves. You can assign the task of looking for clues to one person who does it the best.

There is a giant screen which displays time and as the adrenalin rushes, the time seems to be ticking at an alarming speed. Team members may panic and start wasting time in unnecessary arguments so it is advisable for each member to co-operate in order to find the key and finally win the game. The secret of   finding clues and still be able to beat time is to split roles. While others find the clues, other team members may be good at solving the puzzles.

Many heads are better than one so you will have to strategize yourselves so that you will be able to manage your time. When you are finding clues you may need to look into places you haven’t looked before. Remember, anything could be the answer or clue you are finding. It may be quite embarrassing for you to find yourself out of time while you haven’t found any clues. Time management therefore is very important. Let’s say for example you have 45 minutes, you may decide to split the time as follows: The first 10 minutes can be used with familiarizing yourself with your surrounding. The next 20 minutes could be used with finding the clues, arranging them and putting them in order. You can use the last 15 minuses solving the puzzle too find your key and finally open the door.

As I have stated above, team members ought to be very careful not to waste time arguing and hence finding themselves wasting a lot of time. Understanding the game is also important to enable each member to be involved actively in the game. If you can manage your time well, not only will you enjoy the game as a team but also will have a chance to know each members strength and weaknesses. Real Escape Room Singapore at is a game designed to be fun at the same time strengthening your capability  work against time. So sign up with your team today and enjoy the game!!

Split tasks to winning Real Escape Room Game

Split tasks to winning Real Escape Room Game

Real escape room game can be fun when played with friends and family. Some of the basic tips of this game are playing as a team. When playing as a team you are able to strategize on which clues to tackle first. The ultimate goal of real escape room game is winning and eventually getting out of the room before time expires. As a matter of fact, you are able to get the most out of the game if you play as a team. Some team members may feel smarter than the others while others may feel one particular person is speeding too much time on a puzzle or clue.

Splitting of tasks involves sharing the responsibilities of finding the hidden clues to help you with solving the clues. You can split tasks by letting some of the members to find the clues while the other solves the puzzles in order to avoid wastage of time. The clues can be hidden in the sofas walls, clocks or anything in the room. Team members who are working jointly or are from the same company know each other’s strengths and weakness. It is therefore advisable for team members to work together as a team and avoid unnecessary confrontation to avoid unnecessary wastage of time.

When playing real escape room game, some team members may feel a need to rush against time to avoid losing the game. Some of the common mistake that team members do is feeling inferior or feeling that they don’t have what it takes to win the game. The game master can assist you with some clues when you really feel like you don’t have the answers to a certain clue. Teams may decide to split tasks according to how players relate to each other. Some players may feel that they have what it takes to find a certain clue. Some players can solve the puzzle while the others can continue with finding the clues. Players can also decide to first find clues and solve the puzzles. Remember the clues can be hidden anywhere, the clocks on the wall, and the numbers written on the walls.

Playing real escape room game can be fun when players are sharing roles as a team. The earlier you will find the clues the faster you will get the key. Time wastage should be avoided at all cost to avoid embarrassing your team. Good luck and get ready for a lot fun booking your Escape Room Singapore game at!

The basics of Real Escape Room Game

The basics of Real Escape Room Game

The basic concepts of real escape room game is basically finding clues and solving puzzles to find a key to open a closed door. When you enter the room, you will find items such as sofas, table or books shelves where the codes are hidden. After you are able to solve all the mysteries, you will be able to open the door by yourself. The maximum number of participants for each game is limited to between 8 to 11 players and this depends on the room size. Team work and co -operation is the key to winning this game.


Briefing starts 10 minutes before the commencement of each game. Players will be briefed of the basics of the games and the rules. The event duration is often or usually 1.5 hrs including the introductions and the rules. There are several real escape room games located in the USA, Japan and Australia .The people playing the games can pay their tickets in advance at any of the game locations. Children under the age of 7 years have free admission but must be accompanied by an adult. All the game aspects should be conducted in English. Players can only play games once and no refund of tickets will be made if you didn’t win the game.


Players can check the time on the clock in the room and know exactly how much time remains. The game master can take you through the game after the game so you can see where you went wrong. In Escape Room Singapore at, the rooms are designed differently and have different themes e.g. The Hostel, World War Zombies, and Mental Ward.


The playing team needs to choose the room they want to play in .i.e. The Hostel. Some hidden rooms can be small and stuffy so you may want to wear light clothes or clothes that make you feel better. When you and your team mates find a clue, you may consider proceeding to move to the next clue and hence finding the key to the door. Some of the clues are displayed on the big screen inside the room so players can get an idea of what is going on.


To avoid wasting time, the team members must split tasks i.e. each member can be assigned a task like finding clues while the others can solve the puzzles so as to make the tasks easier. When you finally gather the clues you can continue with continue and open the door and finally get your freedom back!