Survival Rate


Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players




Nowadays, finding information is as easy as flipping your hand. But is it really dependable? Here are some myths you might have heard about escape room Singapore and the truth about them.



FACT: Escape room is a combination of puzzle and psychological games. The rooms are designed to increase adrenaline so players will get more and more excited throughout the whole game for the next clue and room. Research shows that it does not matter if you win or not, playing an escape room game is addictive because of its unpredictability and mind-blowing puzzle and clues.



FACT: One of the main obstacles that turns people off from playing escape room is that they think they’ll end up being so confused and thus lost while playing, but actually, this is so not true. There are game master and their job is to help and make sure you have an enjoyable journey. But remember that the best part is when you and your friends put your heads together and start to think outside of the box. So, try your best and ask a question only when you are stuck in the same place for more than 15 minutes.



FACT: As said, the game master will make sure your game is enjoyable, thus they will remind you if you are running out of time and if you are, they will help you to finish the rest of the game.



FACT: Most people think kids are disallowed to play escape room games because of the horror theme, the difficulty level, or even its safeness. Most escape room Singapore has multiple kinds of game with many forms of design. There will always be a room that is suitable for kids, for example in Trapped Sg, we recommend the Purge for kids to play. It is good for kids to play in Escape room as it encourages them to be critical and to interact with the group.




FACT: The main reason to play an Escape Room Game is to build teamwork with your friends. So, what’s the point if you can’t enjoy your time with them together right? At Trapped Sg, we can take 8-10 people in one room! However, if there are more of you, feel free to email our management at to make an arrangement.



FACT: It’s a common misconception of how a small group will be tiresome and fail due to lack of players. But did you know that most of our best players are a group of two? Remember that the key to being successful is teamwork and it’s not all about the numbers!



FACT: The truth is no one knows;)

What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

By Alicia Tui

Escape rooms often put the difficulty level of their Escape Rooms on their websites. Like for example: Trapped.SG rates the Purge room at an 83% difficulty, while another Escape Room like Lost.SG uses 6 stars to rate the difficulty of their Suicide Forest room. All Escape Rooms will likely provide some indication of their room difficulties, so be sure to check out their websites before making any booking!

If a room looks particularly difficult, don’t be intimidated from booking the room. Instead, here are some tips for you to follow, before you book (if you are still nervous about booking it!):

1. Invite more friends.
Harder room = requires more brain power! So, before you book an especially hard room, be sure to round up some friends to play with you. Who knows, with more people, you may even be able to escape in a record time!

If you have trouble finding enough friends to join you (there, there), you can actually call up the various Escape Rooms to see if you can merge with another group’s game. Some outlets can allow it. In fact, here are Trapped.SG we encourage room merging to enhance our players experience, so give it a try! Who knows, through the experience you may actually be able to make some cool new friends that enjoy Escape Rooms as much as you do!

2. Prepare yourself.
While you are contemplating whether or not to book that 90% difficulty room, perhaps you can prepare yourself, both physically and mentally for the game. Think through all the times that you have done Escape Rooms:
Where are the possible/usual hiding spots for clues?
What sort of puzzles do you think you would face?

As for the physical preparations, do prepare comfortable, airy clothing for the day you are playing (no miniskirts!), so as to not hinder your gameplay. It always helps to check out the various Escape Room Singapore websites to see if they have any dress codes or clothing guidelines to enhance your experience. Some customers also prepare by bringing their own flashlights to the game. While we already provide flashlights in our Escape Rooms here at Trapped.SG, it wouldn’t hurt to have another set to help you out in the game!

3. Check the Escape Room’s Hint Policy
Some Escape Rooms only offer you 3 hints throughout your game, while some are more liberal and give you hints as you need it. It would help you to call up the various Escape Rooms or check their websites for their hint-giving policies. Of course, even if an Escape Room is difficult, if you are able to get hints freely, you would surely have a higher chance to escape. Here at Trapped.SG, we offer you as many clues/hints as you need so you need not worry about getting hopelessly stuck. In fact, we are more than glad to help you out in your game to enhance your experience. (Do ask nicely!)

If you are ever in doubt and have apprehensions about the difficulty of the various Escape Room game offered, feel free to call up each outlet and ask about the rooms. But most importantly, Escape Room Singapore are there for you to enjoy, so relax and enjoy the experience. Even if it is super difficult, the best part is the process of cracking your heads to solve the puzzles, so just relax and just have fun!

The Escape Room Dream Team

The Escape Room Dream Team

The Escape Room Dream Team

By Natasha Koh


Having a good team is crucial to successfully complete an escape room. Here are all the tips for you to have your very own escape room dream team!



  • Know your team


Get to know your team members especially if they’re complete strangers who happen to share the same escape game with you. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses, who knows you might become escape room Singapore buddies next time! If you happen to fill up all the spaces for the rooms make sure your team is made up of different kind of people, it will truly help having different minds to think about the next step.


  • Communicate


Don’t be afraid to share your take on what you think the puzzle solution could be. Talk to your team mates exchange ideas around and figure the puzzle out together.


  • Listen to your team


Listen to what your team have to say cause who knows they might have an idea or solution that would actually work.


  • Teamwork


Teamwork is not only about doing things together all the time, it is about trust as well . Trust that each team member is able to work on certain puzzles and do not only keep to yourself, work together with your team members .


  • Be a team player , not a team leader


Work with your team. Do not boss them around on what to do and try solve the puzzle by yourself.  Give a chance to your team members to participate with coming up with a solution for the puzzles.


  • Be an active team member


As time pass, other team members might get a little restless and bored. Encourage them to voice out or give their thoughts on possible solutions to the puzzle. Get them involve in the puzzle solving and be cheerful and energetic to keep the excitement going.

For more information on Team Bonding Activities Singapore, you can read more on this article:



7 Things To know Before Playing An Escape Room Game:

7 Things To know Before Playing An Escape Room Game:

7 Things To know Before Playing An Escape Room Game:

By Natasha Koh


  1. What is an escape room game?


Imagine that you are Sherlock Holmes, solving puzzles, discovering mysterious and exploring through a themed room that’s full clues and secret rooms where you might even need to crawl into!


  1. Escape rooms are usually challenging


Most escape rooms are challenging, it wouldn’t be fun if it were too easy. Puzzles often requires common sense and cooperation between teammates. Trapped itself have puzzles that are brain tweezers , but still mind bending and exciting! Are you up for a challenge?



  1. It’s all about the people you play with


A good mix of people that you’re comfortable with in your team makes the process more enjoyable. Different people have different thought process and some may have the aptitude to solve certain puzzles that other can’t.


  1. Merged Games


In some escape room in Singapore, you will be merged with complete strangers, especially if your party did not book the whole room. Don’t let it bother you too much, they could be helpful in solving certain puzzles and you guys might even become friends after!


  1. Dress comfortably


Escape rooms requires you to move around a lot and some rooms even require you to crawl. So dress comfortably and try not to have any heavy objects in your pockets as well so it would not be a hassle to move around.


  1. Voice Out


Don’t be afraid to voice out your thoughts. If you think you know how to solve the puzzle, let your team know and give it a try because who knows it might be the correct solution.


  1. Surrender to the experience


Last but not least, enjoy the game! Surrender yourself to the experience. Immerse yourself in the game and have fun!

Tips and Tricks When Playing Escape Room Games

Tips and Tricks When Playing Escape Room Games


Tips and Tricks When Playing Escape Room Games

by Natasha Koh


Tip #1 : Search the room thoroughly


Look at every nook and cranny of the room to be sure that you don’t miss anything.


Tip #2 : Ask for clues


Do not be afraid to ask for clues from the game masters.


Tip #3 : Listen to the clues given by the game masters carefully


Let your team members know what clue was given to you by the game master as they might understand it if you don’t.


Tip #4 : Choose a strong team


If you are picking your own team, pick team members who can work well together and communicate without reservation. Different people are be able to think differently. Your team will have to solve different kinds of problems and puzzles so if you have someone who is great at maths, try find someone who is best is rhymes . To succeed, your team should have people who have different set of skills.


Tip #5 : Don’t use brute force , follow the rules and respect the items in the rooms.


Breaking things is both bad for the escape games and the players -for everything including how the game functions,the safety of the players and even the sequence of the game. Avoid using force to open any doors or removing anything from the walls that don’t come off . As if it is meant to open it will open with ease. Avoid stepping on any furniture such as a chair or table or reach for the ceiling to look for clues. If there is something high up to be reached for, the game masters will brief you beforehand on what you could do. Following the rules ensures that you have a fun and safe escape game experience.


Tip #6 : Look at the bigger picture.


Do not overthink any puzzles, escape room Singapore love using props as a distraction from the real puzzle.

Escape games are meant to be fun for a large group of audience which means that the puzzles do not do not require skills,previous experience, or complex explanation for anything. Go for the easiet solution.


Tip #7 : Think both in and outside of the box


Puzzles in escape rooms are often logical and creative at the same time. Try to think creatively but think simple as well.


Tip #8 :  Don’t be afraid to lose.


Some of our most rewarding escape rooms are ones where you don’t escape. The game would be a lot more enjoyable when you solve the puzzles by yourself and don’t rush to finish the game. You may request to the game master not to provide any clues as you rather solve the puzzles yourself even if you might lose.

How To Successfully Escape With Good Time Management

How To Successfully Escape With Good Time Management

By Natasha


Trying to solve all the puzzles and also juggle the time is challenging but not impossible! If you want to be able to successfully escape on time, read on for some of the tips and tricks we have for you!


  • Divide and conquer


Do not only focus on one part of the room, divide your team to comb through certain section so that time is well managed and a bigger surface area can be covered. Rotate if you have to so you do not miss out on any clues.


  • Time your progress


Bring a wristwatch if it is allowed , if it is not allowed, there would usually be a timer in the room to help you pace yourself. Appoint a team member or yourself to watch the time and pace your progress. For example, if there are more than one room it is an hour game, pace yourself to spend around 15-20 minutes in each escape room Singapore.


  • Ask for Clues


If you and your team members are not able to solve the puzzle after a period of time, ask the game masters for a clue. Do not stay on one puzzle for too long as there might be more puzzles later in the game that might need more time. The game masters would be glad to answer any questions and give you clues that would bring you a step closer to freedom.


  • Move quickly but keep calm


Be calm but move quickly and efficiently. Every minute counts so try not to stare into nothingness or stand around while your team does something by themselves.


  • Be involved.


Don’t stand in the corner or wonder around aimlessly, get involve and offer to help if you think you know what the solution is. Be a productive member! Your friends would be grateful if you contributed actively to the discussion.


Studies On Escape Room in Singapore

Studies On Escape Room in Singapore

Studies On Escape Room in Singapore

Studies have shown that when a person feels accomplishment or failure, addiction is triggered. Singapore escape room games will do just that to many. Once they try it, they will get hooked to go back for more. And a lot of the avid Singapore escape room game players would have completed most games from operators they prefer. So why is it good to get addicted to escape room games?


Apart from doing the norm such as watching movies (not always theres something good screening), Singapore escape room games actually challenges participants to solve logical puzzles within a time frame. This would then require participants playing to have successfully achieved:


– good communication skills

– exploration of hidden chambers

– brainstorming

– team work

– leadership

– critical thinking

– problem solving


It’s always fun to find out something you think you know the answer to, but yet it doesn’t seem to unlock. That is highly due to the case of the wrong answer. And when participants get a hint from the staff, and manage to solve the puzzle themselves, a sense of accomplishment is developed.


For participants who didn’t manage to escape, but yet they feel like they’re so close to the final stage. They too fall under the potential category of being addicted to escape room in Singapore. Why?


It’s simply because they think they’ve almost achieved it and theres that positive frustration. So when they make their next attempt they think they’re equipped with the right mindset to be able to solve the puzzles. Most of the time, when groups play one game and didn’t escape, then play another game right after, they’d likely to succeed. This is because they are already in a momentum of problem solving.


Singapore escape room games are tricky and are much harder than of those abroad. But that also means for those who managed to escape without any hints from the staff, they are the ones who follow instructions of each game meticulously.

Play escape rooms to break away from your mobile devices and give it a rest. 

Play escape rooms to break away from your mobile devices and give it a rest. 

Play escape rooms to break away from your mobile devices and give it a rest

Mobile device games have sky rocketed ever since smart phones took over the world. The world does not go round the same way it used to before smart phones. Almost everyone is reliant on smart phones for various things such as GPS, messaging, calls, social media, games, music, photos and many more.


People do not integrate in society the same way they did before. Today, getting to know someone is common to initially meet online. But doctors have studied and found that it is not healthy for society to be depedent on mobile devices in their daily lives.


Dont get us wrong, we do need to make calls, send emails and messages. But when it comes to trying to get to a new place, we should use road signs or even better, ask a stranger for directions. It’s the same situation when it comes to playing games. Yes, there are tons of room escape games online or even as an app. But what makes it different if you play a reality escape room Singapore?

Being immersed in the atmosphere, which a mobile device game cant provide is one very obvious reason that makes the game experience a whole load better. Also, shutting down from using your own mobile devices and use whatever you have in the reality escape room Singapore for the hour? It’s almost a good break or for some extreme cases, a detox from their phones. And the sense of satisfaction of physically escaping or progressing in the game is beyond the experience of merely moving one’s fingers around. 


So next time you’re planning to play a game, make it a point. Schedule a date instead to meet with friends and family. Play escape room singapore to break away from your mobile devices and give it a rest. 

Top 3 Things That Will Guarantee a Fun Escape Room Game Experience

Top 3 Things That Will Guarantee a Fun Escape Room Game Experience

Top 3 Things That Will Guarantee a Fun Escape Room Game Experience


There are quite a number of escape room games around the world. Singapore escape room games ranges from basic to advance hi-tec experiences. Back in 2013 when Singapore escape room games were unknown, people would think that it is either an experience to be in a maze or a haunted house. You may chuckle, but that was the reality then. Today, almost everyone has at least vaguely heard of Singapore escape room games. And depending on how you like your cup of tea, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to experience that will guarantee a fun time.


  1. Ask the escape room game operator how many rooms they have within one themed game


This determines the complexity and the type of experience you will have. If they only have one room or two, it’s a little of a let down. More than two rooms is always fun because you almost never get to experience the last room without assistance from the staff. Plus, more rooms means more exploring, and more mystery.


  1. Before and after the game is just as important as during the game


Choose out of the many Singapore escape room games, one that is most suitable and central for you and your friends to meet. And also a location which you can have a meal, hang out, catch a movie before or after the game. This is so you get to share the excitement with the group you’re either going to or have experienced the escape game. Also, before you start going into the game room, be sure to listen to any instructions that the staff give. They may be hints  here and there without you noticing. Don’t ask too many questions either, you may be giving yourself a spoiler. However, once you’ve escaped or didn’t manage to escape, thats when you should ask questions to the staff about the game. This helps to connect all the dots together of what you experienced.


  1. Ask the if the games have hi-tec gadgets embedded in the game


When you go to an escape room, you don’t just want to experience unlocking one door with a key after another. That’s as good as unlocking your own room door. What you want to experience is hi-tec gadgets. Hi-tec doesn’t mean lasers, because to a certain extent, that can be dangerous for players. We mean things that you wouldn’t usually use to retrieve a clue. For example, you may have to snap your fingers in a certain rhythm to unlock the door. Or when you have to find an object to place on a book to have the lights switch on. And many more.


The above three are the key things we recommend when you’re trying to decide which game to play. And if there are any games positioned as a scary theme, the escape room Singapore do not have live characters inside to scare you. At most it is the atmosphere and maybe a few jump scared 🙂


Enjoy your games!








Five More Things to Do DURING Your Escape Room Game

Five More Things to Do DURING Your Escape Room Game

Five More Things to Do DURING Your Escape Room Game by Alicia Tiu

After all the preparations for your game, now what? There are plenty more tips to help you survive your game, and even set a new record timing! Here are 5 more things you can do during your game, as recounted by game master Alicia:


  1. Consider all options.

Often, we may tend to dismiss minor details, like behind doors and pictures. This could waste you precious minutes and effort, trust us, sometimes the most crucial clues are hidden where you would never think to look! Ever had the nagging feeling in your stomach that you are missing out on something? This means its time to trust your gut feeling and look over even the smallest possible options. Take your time to look through all possible clues in the Escape Room, and don’t dismiss something just because it is small.


  1. Split up to find clues.

Splitting up to solve clues often allow you to cover more ground and go over a greater number to possible hiding spots for clues. It also allows you to solve certain puzzles which need you to be in two places at once. Moreover, there is a saying: Too many cooks spoil the broth! Crowding together in one side of the Escape Room Singapore would make it harder for you to solve small puzzles like padlocks and may even make you confused if everybody is talking at once. This makes the next the next tip even more crucial:


  1. Delegate work.

A group would be able to work faster and more efficiently if all the members has a clear task to do. For example, friend A could be in charge of holding torches and shining where the party needs it. Friend B could be the one checking and confirming the physical clues, while friend C could be the one keying in a number into a number lock. Having a clear role also prevents possible disagreements that would waste even more precious seconds.


  1. Take your time.

Paradoxically, rushing to finish your game quickly could hinder your progress greatly. Take your time to read clues and go through all possible hiding spots. This will ensure that you will remember the clues needed and won’t accidentally miss out on some crucial clues. You may even find that the more comfortable and relaxed you are, you would be able to finish the Escape Room game even faster. Don’t fret, you may be closer to the finish than you think!


  1. Feel free to call for clues.

Often people may feel afraid to ask for clues, or that they shouldn’t need to ask for clues much during the game. At Trapped.SG, we actually greatly encourage all questions and calls for clues, as we feel nobody should miss out on their game just because they are stuck. The game masters are friendly and are more than willing to give you a helping hand. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask! If you clear your doubts early, you would have more time to finish the rest of the puzzles in the Escape Room. So next time whenever you are in doubt, give our intercom a call.