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Tourists that tried to Escape

32,184 players

Families that tried to Escape

42,781 players

Corporate that tried to Escape

23,895 players

Group of Friends that tried to Escape

48,997 players

Zombie Attack Halloween Event in Orchard

Zombie Attack Halloween Event in Orchard

Zombie Attack Halloween Event in Orchard


Halloween has become an increasingly popular occasion which people in Singapore dress up, party and embrace the day. Some even spook their friends out with pranks. There have also been a growth in the number of events for Halloween. Shopping malls have been participating in the occasion by converting their atrium space for shoppers to experience a good scare or to simply walk through a maze. Apart from the norm, there are more establishments with space availability that gives their patrons something more engaging. For example, there has been a shopping mall which converted their atrium space into a superheroes Halloween themed escape room game Singapore.


And there are also Halloween specific events which include live characters to scare people. Trapped escape room Singapore was invited in October 2018 to aid in making the Zombie Attack event in Orchard road an exciting experience for all the participants.



We recreated a car park into an thrilling escape room Singapore. The set was as if there had been a zombie apocalypse. Participants had to go from stage to stage in the route of the Zombie Attack to ensure they have not been infected with the disease. One of the stage is the escape room stage where participants had to decipher codes and key into the monitor to retrieve a clue. They will then have to find a special device to unlock them from the reception of a laboratory. To then proceed into the laboratory and retrieve the antidote for each of them to reverse any possibilities of being infected in the zombie disease.



The event was well received with people who tried out the Zombie Attack and came to Trapped escape room Singapore to get more of our escape room experience.


There is a key difference in Halloween events and escape room games in general. And below are some for comparison purposes:

– Live characters in Halloween events

– Jump scares in Halloween events

– People who may touch participants during a trail or game experience

– There wont be a lot of puzzles to solve as escape game in a Halloween event is one of the parts of the main event

– It may or may not be cost involved in Halloween event tickets

– Halloween events may not be suitable for young children as it might contain gore elements or blood

Secret Russian Spy Game at Ministry of Cultural & Information


An event that was truly memorable for our client and for our team members too. It was several weeks in planning for the Secret Russian Spy Game at our clients office. The game would consist of puzzles and mysteries to solve across 3 levels in the building in various meeting points, board rooms and even the pantry!

(Image above at Starting point)

First of all, the client had a wonderful office space for us to design and create the game according to the theme. We at Trapped Escape Room Singapore brought in our props, gadgets and loads of other stuff to jazz up the rooms in the building to follow suit to the theme. One of the rooms was spruced up for the ambiance of a secret spy lounge where they would meet informally and discuss about politics. Another room was where the high ranking officials would hold their meeting in releasing propaganda materials. There was also another area which was where the rouge agents were all being listed out and targeted to be eliminated.

(Image above undergoing briefing)

Trapped Escape Room Singapore designed not only the game play, but also the ambiance and theme to each room and level in the clients office building.

(Image above at one of the puzzle room)

The event started off with the lead facilitator from Trapped Escape Room Singapore announcing to each team to gather at a meeting point. The team leaders were asked to stand at the front of their teams line. And upon counting down, the lead facilitator told the team leaders to collect their spy kit. Each team then dispersed into various areas to read and find the contents of their spy kit. They then strategised how they could infiltrate into their office building with a secret code they’d need to solve.

(Game in progress)

A team building event involves each team to effectively communicate their ideas to one another and to execute the task as a team to gain success. This Secret Russian Spy Game included that and many more take away for each team to learn about one another. There were teams that even dressed the part as spies, to enable their spy thoughts and ideas to flow.

(Above picture Winner for best spy)

The game was only for an hour, but almost the entire hour was used up. The winning team had come in with solving all the mysteries within 52 minutes of the game. And unfortunately there were at least about 10 other groups that didn’t manage to complete the final puzzle.


At the end of the team building event, the lead facilitator announced the top 3 winning teams and the best dressed team. As the debrief to the game and how to solve the mysteries walk through was announced by the facilitator, many of them laughed at one another finding that it was a small clue they had missed out on to get to the final stage.

(Above picture  Group photo)

The team building Singapore event went tremendously well with all participants leaving with a smile. Our team at Trapped Escape Room Singapore had a wonderful time hosting too, especially with the big smiles from our clients at the end of the day!


Fun Filled Escape Room Activity for Young Families and Friends @ Safra Open House 2018, 9th Dec 2018

Fun Filled Escape Room Activity for Young Families and Friends @ Safra Open House 2018, 9th Dec 2018

Who says escape games are only for teens and above? Here at Trapped, we have hosted numerous off-site escape room games like this one in SAFRA Jurong recently.



The theme was zombie apocalypse, but of course the zombies were not scary looking ones. We had participants as young as infants to toddlers and adults enjoying the game. Groups of 4 to 8 people would need to look for the clues in the entire room to key in a secret password which zombies cant solve.


And once they have done so, they’d retrieve a secret key for them to whisper the code to the guard. Upon gaining access to the safety zone, that’s where they managed to escape from the zombies.

It may sound easy, but it can be a tough nut to crack for some families. The younger participants such as children age 2 to 6 would enjoy playing with the props and looking for the clues. We received an awesome overwhelming amount of participants on the day. At some points of the game, participants had to complete other checkpoints first before they could have their turn to retrieve the secret code.


If you’ve never experienced an escape room game, here are some tips for you:


  1. Look in every corner of the rooms you get to explore


  1. Follow the rules that were being told. The rules are actually hints for you not to waste time in the stuff that aren’t important in the game.


  1. Escape room games Singapore do not have any live characters in them. It’s just your group against the rooms.


  1. There’s no one in the games to scare your group. If it’s a scary theme, it means the ambiance of the game rooms have been decorated to make you feel like you are exactly what the theme of the game is supposed to be.


  1. You should just try it. No matter what you’ve heard others talk about escape room games Singapore, everyone experiences it differently for the first time. You be the judge to it. But be sure to choose a game which is not too difficult and go in a group of 4 to 8 pax to have an awesome experience.


Here’s some photos of the participants after the game!


Trapped Escape Room & TVworkshop music video challenge

Trapped Escape Room & TVworkshop music video challenge

Trapped Escape Room & TVworkshop music video challenge

Looking for a combination team building activity and combine creativity with a game challenge! Trapped Escape room and TVworkshop Singapore created it for your next team building event in Singapore. Always want to be the star in your own video clip and create scene’s as seen in “Purple Rain, Prince” or “Dancing Queen, Abba”. We produce your own corporate company video clips during your team building event in Singapore, starring all your colleagues. It takes teamwork to write the script, creativity to develop the characters, discipline to play it. And so much more!

Every group of 12 team members creates a 2 minutes video clip in 2 hours. You direct, act and produce the end result. What when you are ready with producing your video clip? It ‘s time for you to experience an activity that is filled with suspense, thrill, mysteries. cool gadgets and most important FUN!! Trapped Escape Room Singapore.

We finalize all the productions of the groups in the edit during the 1-hour Trapped Escape Room experience. Presentation of all the video clips on big screen. Surprise, what the “theme” of the video clip will look like? For the best video clip, we have a prize: The OSCAR!

Trapped Escape Room & TVworkshop music video challenge, perfect team day out for your next indoor team building activity!






Finding us is not as complicated as escaping our room. We are at the center of Singapore, Scape 2 Orchard Link #02-20 and only 4 minutes away from Somerset MRT and 2 minutes away from National Youth Council bus stop. There are tons of popular restaurants around us in case this might be the last dinner you can have before getting trapped forever.



Who said you aren’t able to enjoy escape room Singapore when you are in a wheelchair? We want to make sure that our wheelchair player able to enjoy the same adventure as other but remember that you need to be accompanied by a vigorous friend as a helper. Hence please email us at [email protected] if you have any special request!



We believe that having fun does not have to be expensive. We have a lot of promotion such as student price, off-peak price, etc. And I know the word “cheap” make you feel unsure but fret not! You’ll experience a high-quality game with an affordable price!



Our rooms are designed to create this “wow” effect where every clue that you get will be connected to one another. Most of our props are imported from the States to bring you the realistic vibes. We always want to invent new and better games for our customer happiness by upgrading the rooms.



Your happiness is also ours that’s why we make sure to train our staff well hence whenever you have questions regarding our games they can skillfully handle and answer your curiosity. And knowing that happiness is contagious, we’ll make sure our staff to have joy and smile in them.



Pictures last forever! So we commit to make sure your pictures are memorable and remind how fun your journey with your friends was by providing a goofy photo props.




Nowadays, finding information is as easy as flipping your hand. But is it really dependable? Here are some myths you might have heard about escape room Singapore and the truth about them.



FACT: Escape room is a combination of puzzle and psychological games. The rooms are designed to increase adrenaline so players will get more and more excited throughout the whole game for the next clue and room. Research shows that it does not matter if you win or not, playing an escape room game is addictive because of its unpredictability and mind-blowing puzzle and clues.



FACT: One of the main obstacles that turns people off from playing escape room is that they think they’ll end up being so confused and thus lost while playing, but actually, this is so not true. There are game master and their job is to help and make sure you have an enjoyable journey. But remember that the best part is when you and your friends put your heads together and start to think outside of the box. So, try your best and ask a question only when you are stuck in the same place for more than 15 minutes.



FACT: As said, the game master will make sure your game is enjoyable, thus they will remind you if you are running out of time and if you are, they will help you to finish the rest of the game.



FACT: Most people think kids are disallowed to play escape room games because of the horror theme, the difficulty level, or even its safeness. Most escape room Singapore has multiple kinds of game with many forms of design. There will always be a room that is suitable for kids, for example in Trapped Sg, we recommend the Purge for kids to play. It is good for kids to play in Escape room as it encourages them to be critical and to interact with the group.




FACT: The main reason to play an Escape Room Game is to build teamwork with your friends. So, what’s the point if you can’t enjoy your time with them together right? At Trapped Sg, we can take 8-10 people in one room! However, if there are more of you, feel free to email our management at [email protected] to make an arrangement.



FACT: It’s a common misconception of how a small group will be tiresome and fail due to lack of players. But did you know that most of our best players are a group of two? Remember that the key to being successful is teamwork and it’s not all about the numbers!



FACT: The truth is no one knows;)

What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

What To Do If You Are Apprehensive About a Difficult Escape Room

By Alicia Tui

Escape rooms often put the difficulty level of their Escape Rooms on their websites. Like for example: Trapped.SG rates the Purge room at an 83% difficulty, while another Escape Room like Lost.SG uses 6 stars to rate the difficulty of their Suicide Forest room. All Escape Rooms will likely provide some indication of their room difficulties, so be sure to check out their websites before making any booking!

If a room looks particularly difficult, don’t be intimidated from booking the room. Instead, here are some tips for you to follow, before you book (if you are still nervous about booking it!):

1. Invite more friends.
Harder room = requires more brain power! So, before you book an especially hard room, be sure to round up some friends to play with you. Who knows, with more people, you may even be able to escape in a record time!

If you have trouble finding enough friends to join you (there, there), you can actually call up the various Escape Rooms to see if you can merge with another group’s game. Some outlets can allow it. In fact, here are Trapped.SG we encourage room merging to enhance our players experience, so give it a try! Who knows, through the experience you may actually be able to make some cool new friends that enjoy Escape Rooms as much as you do!

2. Prepare yourself.
While you are contemplating whether or not to book that 90% difficulty room, perhaps you can prepare yourself, both physically and mentally for the game. Think through all the times that you have done Escape Rooms:
Where are the possible/usual hiding spots for clues?
What sort of puzzles do you think you would face?

As for the physical preparations, do prepare comfortable, airy clothing for the day you are playing (no miniskirts!), so as to not hinder your gameplay. It always helps to check out the various Escape Room Singapore websites to see if they have any dress codes or clothing guidelines to enhance your experience. Some customers also prepare by bringing their own flashlights to the game. While we already provide flashlights in our Escape Rooms here at Trapped.SG, it wouldn’t hurt to have another set to help you out in the game!

3. Check the Escape Room’s Hint Policy
Some Escape Rooms only offer you 3 hints throughout your game, while some are more liberal and give you hints as you need it. It would help you to call up the various Escape Rooms or check their websites for their hint-giving policies. Of course, even if an Escape Room is difficult, if you are able to get hints freely, you would surely have a higher chance to escape. Here at Trapped.SG, we offer you as many clues/hints as you need so you need not worry about getting hopelessly stuck. In fact, we are more than glad to help you out in your game to enhance your experience. (Do ask nicely!)

If you are ever in doubt and have apprehensions about the difficulty of the various Escape Room game offered, feel free to call up each outlet and ask about the rooms. But most importantly, Escape Room Singapore are there for you to enjoy, so relax and enjoy the experience. Even if it is super difficult, the best part is the process of cracking your heads to solve the puzzles, so just relax and just have fun!