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5D Reality Escape Rooms

Escape Game Singapore Trapped in Hostel

Only the toughest shall survive.....

Singapore Escape Game Trapped in Wonderland theme

With only an hour to Escape.....

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Only the toughest shall survive.....

real-life escape room about us
Picture this, you're trapped in a room with your peers, and there seems to be almost no way out. Become the master at solving puzzles, discovering hidden clues, uncovering mysteries and succeeding to escape our well thought and creative concept rooms or also known as real escape game in Singapore.

Trapped provides you the opportunity to put your mystery solving skills and IQ to the test.  We've brought the online virtual escape games to reality, but with a twist. Book with us now to enjoy a mind-blowing experience ....More

Located at the tourist attraction centre of Singapore, 'Trapped' is conveniently located near many Singapore Attractions such as the Heritage Centre, Kampong Glam, and the National Monument - Sultan's Mosque. It also boasts many famous cafes, restaurants, bars and eateries within walking distance.

If you are looking for fun things to do in Singapore, what to do in Singapore, places to visit in Singapore, where to go in Singapore, events in Singapore or Singapore attractions, look no further. Trapped provides you with a unique activity for you to experience being trapped and finding hidden clues to escape.

what real escape room does
Choose between two of our mind breaking themes: "Trapped in Wonderland" and "Trapped in Hostel". Battle your mind out ...
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In order to avoid disappointment, please book at least 3 days in advance as rooms are usually sold out 2 days ahead
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Our conceptual games brings together people from all walks of life to work together as a team. It is the perfect solution to encourage team bonding ...
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We are located at:
Trapped Singapore Phone: (65) 6292 2177
42 Kandahar St Singapore 198896
Kampung Glam Shop Houses, 42 Kandahar Street,
S198896 (Near Arab St) ... 
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Kandahar Street Outlet:

Off Peak hours(Mon to Fri, before 6pm): $20

Peak hours(Mon to Fri after 6pm, Sat/Sun/PH All Day): $24

Student rates(Mon to Fri, before 6pm): $14

*SCAPE Outlet:

Off Peak hours(Mon to Fri,before 6pm): $24  - use promo code "scape4off" to get $4 off @ only $20!

Peak hours(Mon to Fri after 6pm, Sat/Sun/PH All Day and Eve of Christmas/New Year): $28 - use promo code "scape4off" to get $4 off @ only $24!

Student rates (Mon to Fri, before 6pm): $18

*Above rates are for non-corporates. Please email us to get corporate rates.

** Student rates are only for students aged 21 years old and below with a valid student ID.

team building

Re-Energizer Corporate Team Building

Our conceptual games brings together people from all walks of life to work together as a team. It is the perfect solution to encourage team bonding. Colleagues will have to work together, tap into each other’s strength in order to find their way out from the trapped real-life escape concept rooms. For group bookings of more than 20 pax, email us at  to enquire about the special rates. 

best team building singaporecorporate team building

Off-Site Corporate Team Building

We offer two options for Off-site Corporate Team Building:

Real Escape Amazing Race (recommended for 30 pax to 70 pax)

As our 1st outlet are located at a Heritage Centre location with plenty of tourist attractions, we are able to organise a "Real Escape Amazing Race" where we can

incorporate our Trapped Real Escape Game as one of the many checkpoints for the Real Escape Amazing Race.  This is one of the latest holistic team building event to

hit town with many of our participants describing it as a fun-filled affair with many take-aways. We are the only provider in Singapore to be able to organise a

"Real Escape Amazing Race"

Please email us to get the brochure at

Off-site Escape Game (recommended for 50 pax and above)

Our off-site escape game can be held at any locations like a function hall, stadium, or at the client's premises. The players will be divided into groups and will be given the same sets of puzzles for each groups. The clues will be around them in the room and they will need to work as a team in order to solve the mystery. 

Please email us for more info at


We have a partnership collaboration with Minang Cafe Restaurant located near us which can house up to 120++ pax(seated) at one time. Being one of the famous restaurant in the area with delicious and sumptuous delicacies , this Restaurant can caters to Halal Food, and vegetarian as well at a very reasonable price. 

sg team building

Our Corporate Clients:

sg team building

F.A.Q.S (Frequently Asked Questions)


5 Things You Wanted to Know About “An Escape Room” but Were too Shy to Ask

                   1)    Why is it so popular?

Being locked in a room and battling for a way out might make some feel like they’ve been jailed — or worse — but for a growing number of entertainment seekers it’s becoming part of their alternative entertainment.

That’s because an increasing number of adventure seekers are flocking to escape-game centers that have popped up around the city.

Inspired by similar Japanese companies and escape arcade games, locations like the Real Escape Room on Kandahar Street and SCAPE, 2 Orchard link challenge groups to find hidden clues.

With only an hour to escape, groups must use the clues to uncover a key and break out of the room they are trapped in.

2) Who goes for Escape Room?

Basically everyone! Escape room are ideal for families to bond and work together as it ties family bonding. It is also the latest trend now for group of friends to go for escape rooms rather than the usual boring outing like to the movie. Rather than watching a movie, in an escape room, they get to play the lead actor in our movie-themed escape rooms.

We are also seeing a large influx of tourists that are attracted to our escape room as we are one of the biggest provider ofquality escape room in Singapore. Last but not least, corporate professionals are now regularly booking our escape rooms for their team building activitiesas it greatly foster communication skills amongst peers and enhances their skill sets to work together as team more effectively which is crucial for companies to be more productive. 

3) Why should I choose an Escape Room over other activities?

Escape room is the latest wave of the “Must-Do” activity amongst Singaporeans and foreigners nowadays. It provides a more holistic entertainment over the other usual activities like going to the movies, bowling or arcade.

Based on online surveys and trends, consumers are now more interested and attracted to an “experiential” form of activity where they are paying quality money to “experience” a quality activity or entertainment. An escape room is the latest “experiential” entertainment where the customers get to feel a whole new level of experience of being locked up and using their skill sets to escape from the themed rooms.

4) What's the difference of a 5D real escape room and the normal real escape room?

It basically has no difference. 5D literally means you are in the game itself trying to escape out of the room vs the original point and click escape room that you play online.

5) Why should I go for "Trapped.Sg" Escape Room?

Trapped.Sg Escape Room offers a holistic and quality escape room experience. Our rooms are designed to accommodate beginner to advance level. We also segment out two outlet, our Kandahar Outlet provides a ‘Classic Escape Room’ while the SCAPE outlet provides a more advanced setup with technology like an animechatronic (where the zombies and corpse actually moves!). The rooms at our SCAPE outlet are also far bigger compared to our Kandahar outlet.

Our theme rooms also comes with a movie title and storyline to make the game play more interesting for players to feel like they are playing out the lead actor role in a movie.

Trapped Escape room has also structured out a very reasonable pricing structure. Students pricing are as low as $14 at our Kandahar outlet and $18 at our SCAPE outlet and we take pride in being one of the few quality escape room in Singapore that offers up to 1 hour of game play per themed room. We believe that Escape Rooms should be affordable for all to experience.


How do I book an escape game with Trapped.Sg?

You will need to book online at Just fill up your details accordingly and you are good to go!

You may choose to pay either online using credit card or pay once you reach our outlets. Only cash or nets are accepted at our outlets.


What Industry does Trapped.Sg specialize in serving for its corporate team building?

Awesome question!

We are pleased to say that we serve all industries.

As our escape room are catered to all corporate professionals for team building purposes, we are literally engaged by client companies from all industries. We have not seen any industry yet that do not require or do not promote team building amongst its peers.

Some of the industries we have served include:
(but not limited to)

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Government Bodies
  • Banks and Financial sectors
  • Hospital Industry
  • Airline Industry
  • FMCG Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Pharma and Health Industry

And many more!

The list is exhaustive, and we continue to be excited, challenged and enthralled by the industries we serve.